[VIDEO] See How the Ron Fellows Driving School is Keeping Students Safe


[VIDEO] See How the Ron Fellows Driving School is Keeping Students Safe

Since the Corvette Owners School at Spring Mountain reopened following the COVID-19 shutdown, we’ve talked to a few of the students who have been through the program and all have said they felt safe with the safety measures put in place to fight the spread of the Coronavirus.

In this new video from the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School, they take us behind the scenes to show all the preparation and cleaning procedures that are being utilized and we hear from actual students who talk about their own experiences in traveling to the school.

[VIDEO] See How the Ron Fellows Driving School is Keeping Students Safe

Some of the students we’ve talked with said they got more out of this program than previous dates as the classrooms are smaller and they liked having to use the same Corvette during their stay. For those who need a getaway, the school is also offering a complimentary stay with your two-day class through the end of the year.

From the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School via YouTube:

Here at the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School, safety is always our top priority, both on and off the track! We want to assure you that we are doing everything possible to keep you safe during these times. Check out this video to hear from Ron Fellows as he gives you an important update on our COVID-19 safety procedures and to hear other students’ thoughts on their travel experience.

For more information about our COVID-19 safety procedures, please visit our handbook at www.smcovid19handbook.com. To book your Corvette Owners School, call 1-800-391-6891 and visit www.CorvetteOwnersSchool.com.

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  1. We just finished day one at Spring Mountain. (August 21-22) C-8.
    The facility was spotless, my classmates were 100% compliant with distancing, we have the same car, helmet, helmet rag and HANS device every day. The lecture room was immaculate and distancing guidelines were respected by all attendees and instructors. Our accommodations….5 Star. DrZ Arkansas…..

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