[VIDEO] Electronic Device Makes Electric Cars Sound Like a Corvette


[VIDEO] Electronic Device Makes Electric Cars Sound Like a Corvette

One of the main concerns enthusiasts have about a possible electric Corvette in the future is that it “wouldn’t sound like a Corvette.”

With General Motors heading full-steam down the electric highway, we’re sure a totally electric Corvette will one day make the scene.

We’re equally sure that such a Corvette wouldn’t necessarily have to travel noiselessly down the road like current electric vehicles do.

In fact, Thor Tuninga company named Thor is already offering an electronic device that can mount underneath any vehicle – gas, electric, or hybrid – and make it sound like anything from a Corvette C7 to a jet fighter.

[VIDEO] Electronic Device Makes Electric Cars Sound Like a Corvette

Thor – named after the Norse god of thunder – is actually a metal-encased loudspeaker that mounts under the rear end of a vehicle and then communicates with the vehicle through an electronic control unit connected through CAN and ACC circuits.

It’s a four-step installation process that looks relatively simple.

You can choose from two units, a one-speaker exhaust capable of 35db for $1,045 and a two-speaker system with volume up to 50 db for $1,545.

We especially like the way the system communicates seamlessly with your car’s engine or electric motors to ensure the exhaust synchronizes properly with the powerplant so that it sounds natural.

Also impressive is the way both systems include custom settings for volume, pops, and dynamic start, and Thor doesn’t void your existing car warranty. Also notable is the fact that you can transfer the system from one car to another should you get a different vehicle.

Thor adds a new engine note monthly, with more than 20 “legendary car sounds” already available, including the aforementioned C7, Mercedes-AMG G63, Audi R8, BMW M4, Porsche Panamera, Ferrari 488 GTB, Mercedes-AMG C63, and Audi RS7 – not to mention options that can make your car sound like a jet fighter, a roaring hot rod, and even play Jingle Bells.

Once you’ve installed Thor on your car, you will need to download an app to your smartphone or smartwatch, giving you the ability to change the exhaust sounds with standard car controls.

Could this be the Performance Exhaust option of the future for an electric Corvette?

Thor Tuning via TopSpeed.com

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  1. Maybe they’ll come out with a fake clutch pedal and shifter to go along with their phony exhaust.

  2. Geez I thought we were going to hear the sound like a REAL Corvette V-8. My grandmothers vacuum cleaner makes a better sound , then that Porsche sound effect

  3. OMG, What next? ………On the other hand, how about a Tesla with one of these things programmed to sound like a ’51 Merc with 18″ glass packs?

  4. Heck why just this? They should have I virtual reality to make your Prius look like a C7 while you drive.

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