Nashville Police Impound a Corvette and Four Other Vehicles for Street Racing


Nashville Police Impound a Corvette and Four Other Vehicles for Street Racing

Photo Credit: Metro Nashville PD

The owners of five high-performance cars, including this white C5 Corvette coupe, are probably singin’ the blues in the Music City today.

Metro Nashville Police tweeted out over the weekend that they had impounded the five cars Saturday night through early Sunday as part of the department’s street racing initiative.

Joining the Corvette in the impoundment lot are a Chevrolet Camaro, Nissan 350Z, BMW M3, and BMW M4.

Police added that they made a total of 19 stops for speeding, reckless driving, and other similar crimes over the weekend.

Responding to the police department tweet, many residents in the area showed their support, with one posting: “These guys are putting tons of people at risk in heavy traffic.”

Another suggested that more legal drag strips and race tracks are the answer, adding: “Racing on the highway…most people don’t understand how high speeds work. It’s very dangerous, as a individual who holds a track license I will be the first to tell you how dangerous driving can be. These guys need a outlet EMRA racing etc…”

Two weeks earlier, Metro Police said they had stopped more than 20 vehicles as part of the initiative that included the use of a helicopter to nab the drivers of two Dodge Chargers that were later impounded.


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  1. In my younger years I got caught being a spectator. One officer wanted to impound my car saying I was racing. Other officer gave me a choice to get an illegal parking ticket and never come back. He admitted that he too used to race his GTO on the street.

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