A C7 Corvette Driver’s Speeding Ticket Was Among the Fastest in Texas for 2018


A C7 Corvette Driver's Speeding Ticket Was Among the Fastest in Texas for 2018

File Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

Well, it looks like this writer wouldn’t be close to being a contender for the title of speeding champion of Texas.

But my excuse for getting nabbed for doing 72 in a 55 in my 1970 Monte Carlo when I was just 19 years old might rank among the most creative.

I was honest with the state trooper that afternoon and told him that my mama had pinto beans and meat loaf waiting for me at home, and I was mighty hungry and in a hurry to get there. If he’d follow me, he’d know why – I sure miss that meat loaf! If I had been even more brutally honest, though, I would have added the little tidbit that if he had clocked me a little sooner, he would have nabbed me doing 80!

According to a post on dallasnews.com, even I had been caught at 80, it would still have been less than half of the top speeder in Texas during 2018!

Leading that list of the 228 tickets written for driving over 120 mph last year in that state was a Porsche 911, nabbed doing a whopping 166 in a 75 zone in Carson County.

The Dallas News published a list of the top 10 tickets from that list issued in Dallas, Collin, Rockwall, Denton, Tarrant, Parker, Hunt, and Wise counties.

Included on the list were three General Motors products, including a 2015 Corvette doing 134 in a 55 on State Highway 121 near Lewisville; a 2016 Cadillac CTS doing 136 in a 55 on State Highway 66 in Rowlett; and a 2012 Chevrolet SS running 135 in a 75 in the West I-635 Express lanes in Farmers Branch.

The fastest in North Texas and good for fifth in the state overall was a 2002 Honda CBR motorcycle, caught going 156 in a 70 on Chisholm Trail Parkway in Tarrant County. The driver sounds like he’s lucky to be alive as the trooper noted he failed to stop for a red light – that could have been disastrous!

For you truckers out there, a 2013 Ford F150 was second on the North Texas list at 150 in a 65 on Chisholm Trail Parkway in Fort Worth.

Next were a 2007 Honda motorcycle, 145 in a 60 in Plano; a 2018 BMW M3, 138 in a 70 on the Bush Turnpike; a 2017 Subaru WRX, 134 in a 70 on U.S. 75 in Allen; a Honda CBR motorcycle, 134 in a 70 on the Bush Turnpike; and a 2010 Infiniti G37, 134 in a 60 on the Dallas North Tollway in Frisco.

By the way, the driver of that motorcycle doing 134 told the officer he “did not realize he was going so fast.”

Other excuses included someone trying to save a minute on the way home, and another speeder was mad about being cut off. Great reasons to put your life at risk, huh?

Of course, who am I to talk – since I’m the pinto bean speeding champion of Georgia!


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  1. Only 134 for the C7 vs. 166 for the “Porch?” Why shame, shame y’all for the red, white and blue! Can’t let a little German car win. Need a rematch to make up those 32 mph. Giddy up!

  2. Does it really make a difference if it reads 120 or 135???? We ain’t talking 37 in a 35, dude.

  3. WOW? I just cant get over all of this? I Live in northern California & I bought my first corvette 5 years ago. it is a 100% stock 1999 C-5 with an Automatic ( 3:15 Gear ratio) & 2 summers ago i finally found the right highway (165) to Finally find out how fast my vette would go since it’s advertised to fly at 174 mph! well C-5 owners she did me PROUD!!!! she hit 165 MPH before i finally backed off the throttle & she had more to give! I believe she would do the advertised 174mph? it was a very smooth 165! after that i never complained about not buying a C-6 or how much this car cost me, or what it cost to maintain! she is in the garage with 63,000 miles. 345 HP is just fine with me!

  4. Well, you Americans might be happy that you only get a speed ticket for that. In Switzerland this is a crime, called “Raserei” (“Road Racing”), you will go to jail for that (1 year), you lose your licence (2 years) and your car can be confiscated and sold. Money gets the state. This is based on the law “via secura” (“safe way”) and is in force since 2011 after Swiss People voted at a democratic voting for that new law after having some deadly incidents, where too young guys drove 120 kmh instead of 50 kmh within villages where you have small children, pedestrians etc. There are clear rules, how much you have to drive too fast within villages, outside villages or on the Autobahn (interstate) to come in such an unpleasant situation. For example: On the Swiss Autobahn, max. speed is 120 kmh. When you drive 140 kmh (after having deducted all measurement inaccurancies of the laser gun etc.) you only get a bill, around 80 Francs (appr. 85 USD). If you go with 200 kmh or more and the cops catch you, then you go to jail … By the way: Radar and laser gun detectors are strictly prohibited in Switzerland. I was once catched with an “Escort” and had to pay a fee of 600 USD (and the device was confiscated of course …). But as the law “via secura” is too strict and unflexible and does not consider special circumstances, it will be adapted and done a bit smoother this year but still no honey tasting … So guys, whenever you come to Switzerland and rent a car, take that into account … 😉

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