[PIC] C6 Corvette Driver is Clocked Speeding at 131 MPH in South Dakota


[PIC] C6 Corvette Driver is Clocked Speeding at 131 MPH in South Dakota

A C6 Corvette owner will be making a healthy donation to the state of South Dakota after he was caught speeding at 131 mph on Interstate 29 by a trooper on the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol shared the Trooper’s photo to their Facebook page that shows the silver C6 Corvette from behind. On the trooper’s dash is the radar unit that reads “131”.

According to DrivingLaws.org, speeding is a class 2 misdemeanor in South Dakota and offender’s tickets are based on how much they are exceeding the limit. Many of the rural highways in the state have an 80 mph posted limit which means this Corvette owner will be coughing up at least $222.50 for exceeding the limit by at least 26 miles per hour. As the driver was clocked at 51 mph over and is accused of racing, he could also be facing a reckless driving charge in addition to the speeding fines.

The SDHP did not share any details of the other car that was pulled over with the C6 Corvette, so we have no idea who was winning that race when the black and white rolled up to them.

There seems to have has been a notible uptick in the amount of super speeders out on the roads since the Coronavirus started keeping many of us off the roads and at home. And while 131 mph is up there on the charts, it’s not even close to the Washington state resident who was arrested in May for DUI after being pulled over for going 192 mph.

South Dakota Highway Patrol

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  1. No doubt another gen Z driver. Same crap happening nationwide sadly. RE conviction needs to come with automatic 90 day incarceration, along with min of 1 year suspension of drivers license.

  2. Hey Mikey STFU! So what he got caught damn it. This is what these cars are made for ya idiot, all you haters should stick to your Prius and keep your stupid comments to yourself. We have a useless president right now that deserves jail time way before this guy does. Besides, these cars love being run.

  3. @kevin Williams. Lets just say the fool chose the wrong time and place. I’ve had my last 3 Z’s well over 150 mph and it wasn’t on a track. I simply did it where if something went wrong, other than some barbed wire fence and a cow or two, no human lives except mine, would be in jeopardy. Doing what he did on an interstate just doesn’t cut it IMHO. As for the orange dude in DC, I’m right there with you.

  4. It’s still not a crime if there’s no victim. People should never be punished for the “potential to harm someone”, because that leaves too much discretion up to the government and its agents.

    The current topic of overreach by police should include such topics, debated by reasonable and intelligent men.

  5. Our Ont Proov Police caught somebody doing close to 300 kmh or around 200 MPH on a 400 series hiway , the top OPP chief was shocked, he didnt even know a car was capable of that speed, it was a Merc AMG a 4dr sedan . Penalty is lose car for a week + tow &storage ,$10,000 fine is possible for “stunt driving” , call to Insurance company..
    A Dodge demon racer was trying to get away from cops when the tire blew , he was lucky the car didnt go upside down,

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