[VIDEO] Procharger Teases Pair of Supercharged C8 Corvettes


[VIDEO] Procharger Teases Pair of Supercharged C8 Corvettes

If you’re growing impatient waiting for the aftermarket to increase the power of your already awesome C8 Corvette, the wait is apparently getting shorter.

At least according to a 53-second video just released by the folks at ProCharger, who have been providing similar power upgrades for Corvette generations dating back to 1985 and now promise they’re getting close to doing the same for the new eighth generation.

You can listen to the company’s latest offerings in the video that shows a Torch Red 2020 Corvette (with a license plate reading WHOOOSH) accompanied by a “Bad in Black” Stingray (license plate PSSSSH), with the unmistakable whine of the supercharger very evident on both cars as their engines rev up.

ProCharger says planning for the C8 ProCharger system for what could be the world’s first bolt-on supercharger for the mid-engine Corvette started last fall, followed by 3-D modeling prior to their C8 actually arriving at company headquarters.

[VIDEO] Procharger Teases Pair of Supercharged C8 Corvettes

Even though the ECU is proving difficult for all aftermarket tuners to crack, ProCharger says its staff of engineers and tuners is “figuring it out as we speak.”

A ProCharger supercharger system raised the C7’s horsepower by 180+, so if they can do similar wonders for the C8, that means the LT2 V8 engine would pump out close to 700 horsepower.

The company says dyno and street testing has already started, to be followed by track testing at Heartland Park and Sonoma Raceway, near ProCharger offices in the Midwest and California.

The package is said to be a bolt-on, intercooled system, with the ability to run on pump gas.

“Our two Vettes have gone through rigorous testing and 1,000’s of miles to make this kit just right,” ProCharger promises. “We’re excited to share it with you all soon!”

For the impatient out there, that’s good news indeed!


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