[VIDEO] Chevrolet Celebrates IMSA Championships With New Commercial


[VIDEO] Chevrolet Celebrates IMSA Championships With New Commercial

Photo Credits: Chevrolet, Richard Prince

A little over a year ago, the first mid-engine GTLM race car – the Corvette C8.R – made its surprise debut at the reveal of the 2020 Corvette Stingray convertible at the Kennedy Space Center.

Now, as the nation celebrates Thanksgiving 2020, enthusiasts are giving thanks for all the success Corvette Racing enjoyed in a remarkable first year.

In fact, General Motors is marking those rookie accomplishments with a rare advertisement touting the C8.R as well as its production counterpart, the C8.

[VIDEO] Chevrolet Celebrates IMSA Championships With New Commercial

In the 60-second ad released this week, Chevy juxtaposes video of the C8.R and the C8 in action, then flashes up messages like “We like to blur the lines … between road car and race car … between street and track … between C8 and C8.R.”

Later, the message continues: “We like to blur the lines … by proving our prowess … by winning the IMSA championship … by leaving no doubt. C8 … C8.R.”

The video concludes: “It’s a win-win.”

No doubt.

[VIDEO] Chevrolet Celebrates IMSA Championships With New Commercial

The 2020 production Corvette is wrapping up a very successful first year with more than 20,000 built at the Bowling Green factory, despite the adversity of dealing with shutdowns and slowdowns caused by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the C8.R definitely started off on the right foot, too, with six victories and six podiums on the way to the 2020 IMSA Championship. No. 3 Corvette C8.R drivers Jordan Taylor and Antonio Garcia accounted for five of those wins, with the No. 4 car of Tommy Milner and Oliver Gavin adding a victory at Sebring.

[VIDEO] Chevrolet Celebrates IMSA Championships With New Commercial

ince 1999, Corvette Racing has now won 113 races – the most of any professional sports car team in North America – including 14 Team championships and 13 Driver and Manufacturer titles.

Built by Prater & Miller in Michigan, the C8.R features a naturally aspirated 5.5-liter flat-plane crank V8 engine, a derivative of which is rumored to be the powerplant for the upcoming Z06 model of the C8 – another case of blurring the lines between street and track.

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  1. it would be interesting to know HOW did chevy get the waver for Racing a non homologated engine for the entire Season (no LT6 sold publicly)?

  2. Probably the same way Porsche was allowed to run cars that had their engines in an other than stock location

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