[VIDEO] Taking a Closer Look at FuelTech’s Twin Turbo C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] Taking a Closer Look at FuelTech's Twin Turbo C8 Corvette

Photo Credits: fueltech.net

Watch this video to get the inside story on the new FuelTech system that has already increased the 2020 Corvette’s output to a whopping 754 horsepower, with the potential to go past 1200 whp.

To reach such performance levels, FuelTech integrated its FT600 engine management system with the as-yet uncrackable factory ECU and TCU (Transmission Control Unit) to control their powerful twin-turbo set-up.

One look in the back glass of the new mid-engine Corvette reveals a pair of Garrett turbochargers placed atop the factory LT2 engine, strategically placed not only to make installation easier but also to take advantage of the massive amounts of fresh air pulled through the big vents on each of the rear glass.


The FuelTech jumper system uses Port Injection and a custom sheet metal LT2 intake manifold. The engine uses Direct Injection for normal driving, relying on the factory ECU to control things, but when the engine starts to see boost, the FuelTech FT600 engine management system takes over. Diamond forged pistons and Gwatney Performance connecting rods make sure the engine can handle the added power.

The FT600 controls a second fuel system for the Port Injection for smooth and seamless operation, as well as an electric fuel pump that kicks off just before the engine sees boost, allowing the fuel pressure to stabilize before spiking.


While the factory ECU hasn’t been cracked, the FT600 has several sensors that nevertheless provides data for the tuner to dial-in the fuel and timing curves. Also added were two WB-02 Nano sensors, one for each engine bank along with eight EGT sensors to measure each cylinder’s exhaust gas temperature and allow the calibration expert to control the perfect air/fuel ratio and the transition from Direct to Port injection.

All PowerFT engine management systems include a boost controller programmable through time-, RPM-, or wheel-speed based parameters.

The company continues to develop CAN bus connections with more OEM sensors and systems within the C8 Corvette platform.

FuelTech is working with third-party companies to seek a solution for the slippage in the dual-clutch transmission around 750 whp, a resolution they hope will allow its R&D vehicle to exceed an incredible 1200 whp reliably and safely.


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  1. 754 horse power is plenty for the C8 especially if it is at the wheels. That’s well over 800 engine hp

  2. I dunno. I’d be satisfied w 495hp and 2.9 0-60. But whatever. It’s not my money you’re wasting.

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