GM Monitoring Mexico Suppliers As COVID-19 Spreads in Country


GM Monitoring Mexico Suppliers As COVID-19 Spreads In Country

As the world hopefully moves closer to a time when COVID-19 can be managed through vaccinations and therapeutic drugs, General Motors isn’t sitting still.

The automaker told The Detroit Free Press this week that it has a team of about a dozen specialists working around the clock to keep interruptions in its supply chains at a minimum. Such an interruption recently caused GM to briefly shut down its Bowling Green facility where the red-hot 2020 mid-engine Corvette is being produced.

Company spokesman David Barnas says these supply chain experts “continue to work intensely to ensure that all parts continue to flow into all of our facilities.”

Besides the Corvette plant’s brief shutdown due to parts shortages, the same problem has also forced GM to cancel overtime shifts or run partial shifts at the Arlington Assembly plant in Texas, where the popular Chevy Tahoe and Suburban are built, and cancel a single shift at the GM Flint Assembly plant, where the Chevy Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD are produced.

To make up for that slowdown in production, GM has been running three shifts at Arlington and Flint, but supply of those vehicles nevertheless remains tight. The company has developed software to help dealers easily identify the best-selling vehicle combinations and use their limited allocations more effectively, according to GM CEO Mary Barra.

The Detroit Free Press via GM Authority

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  1. The keeping of these statistics had to be from those maintained by the plant from the beginning of production until now. They are most interesting. I don’t know how one can figure out how many of each vehicle in the exact configuration ordered were made, however. My vehicle was sold on the 13th, but paperwork was not completed until a forgotten document was signed on the 14th of April. Prior to that signature, which technically completed the sale, I had the 5VM carbon fiber ground effects package installed by the dealer. This will not show on the official statistics. But it was an official GM accessory, sold from dealer parts stock and dealer installed, prior to delivery. While plant stats are correct the, “as sold by dealer stat is not reflected.” This is verified only by my, “owner’s paperwork, which shows this fact. It also skews, essentially, the black accent option which is removed for the 5VM installation. AF

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