Corvette Assembly Plant Resumes Operations After Last Week’s Shutdown


Corvette Assembly Plant Resumes Operations After Last Week's Shutdown

Screen capture: Edmunds

The Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green is back to work building the 2020 Corvettes this week after taking last week off due to a parts shortage.

The reason for the plant’s closure was said to be a COVID-19 outbreak at one of C8’s 400 parts suppliers. Hopefully, those who aren’t sick were able to return to work to keep the parts supply chain moving.

Prior to closing on Friday, October 9th, the plant finished with VIN 13,352, and production is still looking good for the 6,829 customers who have been patiently waiting for their Corvettes to be built.

GM told dealers they were extending 2020 model-year production into December as the company works to complete the full 20,181 Corvettes promised to buyers who were at 3000 Event Status earlier this year. With an estimated 45 working days before the Christmas break, the plant needs to build an average of about 152 Corvettes a day to reach that goal. As we’ve seen the plant build 180 Corvettes over its two daily shifts, the goal is still attainable as long as they can keep parts flowing to the plant.

With the 2021 Corvette’s delayed another three weeks or so, GM has not yet given their dealers their allocation numbers for the 2021 model year. We are anticipating another sell-out for 2021 based on the demand for the 2020 Corvette, as well as the shortened 2021 model year. So if you are thinking about ordering a 2021 Corvette, you better get your orders in as quickly as possible!

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  1. Wow, first I’ve heard about another 3 week delay before 2021 production begins. Why doesn’t the 2nd largest dealer in the country, who has my deposit, tell me about this?

  2. Calm down, Gm will build your car as fast as possible. It took 364 days to get our C8. its worth the wait.

  3. Been waiting since August 29 ,2019 . My only problem is I traded in my 2016 at that time. At lease my wife let’s me drive her car . Now a friend down the street has one in his driveway. He toke me on a tour around his after he got it back for engine repair . Nice,inside and out .

  4. Why don’t they fix the cracking wheel issue before they continue making the car that seems more important to saving lives than to getting the car out in a hurry

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