Corvettes on eBay: Fuel-Injected 1961 XP-700 Replica


Corvettes on eBay: Fuel-Injected 1961 XP-700 Replica

When you’re the boss in the candy shop, you can make any kind of treat you want.

That’s sort of the way legendary Corvette designer Bill Mitchell probably viewed his job when it came to making one-of-a-kind cars for his personal enjoyment.

Case in point is the customized 1958 Corvette that came to be known as the XP-700 and was enjoyed by Mitchell for about a year before he moved on to other treats. Even though it shared parts from Corvettes of the era, the car definitely managed to wind up with many unique features, while previewing the new “Sting Ray” rear end of the ’61 and ’62 stock Corvettes.

Corvettes on eBay: Fuel-Injected 1961 XP-700 Replica

The car also had a couple of really cool features like a double-bubble hardtop coated with vaporized aluminum to help block the sun and a periscope rear view mirror, but its most impressive feature was likely its “rocket ship” front end. The car eventually disappeared from view after touring the nation at shows because its chassis was then used for the subsequent XP-755, which itself then morphed into the ’61 Mako Shark.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get an XP-700 wannabe today because this 1961 XP-700 tribute car is currently on the market at eBay at the “Buy It Now” price of $45,000.

Much of the heavy lifting has already been done, with a new rebuilt 283 engine with fuel injection residing under the hood, complete with a rare air cleaner.

Corvettes on eBay: Fuel-Injected 1961 XP-700 Replica

The seller also notes that the steering wheel has been restored, the frame cleaned and repainted, and new mufflers and pipes installed.

It’s one of just 698 Corvettes that came equipped with power windows in ’61 and features a 4-speed manual transmission, an “excellent” soft top, and a painted hardtop. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t have a double-bubble top that made the original XP-700 so cool.

Corvettes on eBay: Fuel-Injected 1961 XP-700 Replica

All bodywork is said to be complete and the car has been painted silver, but the seller notes that It “does need some touch-ups.” An interesting note: the real XP-700 was red for the first year of its life before being recoated in metallic silver.

This tribute car will definitely be a conversation piece at any car show or cruise-in, or just going down the road. What’s your take on this XP-700 replica?

Corvettes on eBay: Fuel-Injected 1961 XP-700 Replica

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  1. Looks to me like it will need a whole lot more than assembly, unless it comes with a lot more parts beyond the ones that are shown in the ad. And some of those unseen parts would be one-offs that may need to be fabricated, such as the grill/surround, the side exhaust, the bubble top, etc. Other than the somewhat XP-700-like nose, I am not sure it comes all that close to being an XP-700 replica.

  2. I saw the real XP-700 at a Can-AM race at Riverside International Raceway, in the early 60’s It was on display in the pits, and I had a Pit Pass, so I got a close up look at it. Back then
    it was pretty “Big Medicine” with its wild futuristic styling and bubble glass top. The did a lap around the Raceway, so all the fans could get a look at it.

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