[VIDEO] Wheeler Dealers Works on a 1964 Corvette’s Ignition and Drum Brakes


[VIDEO] Wheeler Dealers Works on a 1964 Corvette's Ignition and Drum Brakes

As someone who doesn’t do a lot of wrenching (okay, I don’t do any wrenching), I do like to watch those TV shows with the hosts that make it look so easy. And when those automotive tv shows do feature our favorite Corvettes, that’s even better. So with that, I offer you this clip of Edd China from Wheeler Dealers working on a 1964 Corvette.

The set up for this wrenching segment on Wheeler Dealers is that Edd wants to get the Corvette ready for driving. To do so, he’s looking at smoothing out the running engine by troubleshooting the ignition system and then making sure the drum brakes are ready for duty. But because the midyear has probably has been sitting for a little while, the car wants to pull to one side when the brakes are applied.

[VIDEO] Wheeler Dealers Works on a 1964 Corvette's Ignition and Drum Brakes

From Wheeler Dealers via YouTube:

Edd China inspects the engines and brakes on a classic Chevrolet Corvette to avoid unnecessary and expensive modifications as well as making sure the car is safe and efficient on the road.

Wheeler Dealers / YouTube

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  1. Sure miss Ed I heard they dropped him because he refused to behave like a jerk. This new guy is to much just like all the rest of the loudmouths on the other shows. Have watched maybe 3 shows since he left.

  2. Ed’s cool Mike sucks. Don’t watch this show anymore. Can’t stand Mike, he’s a sissy and a douche bag. Couldn’t handle riding in a ZO6, what a pussy.

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