2021 Corvette Production to Start December 8th, Orders Accepted Next Week


2021 Corvette Production to Start December 8th, Orders Accepted Next Week

Looks like the 2021 Corvettes will be here sooner rather than later according to a memo sent this week to Chevrolet dealers. That memo states that 2021 Corvette production will officially start on Tuesday, December 8th.

This news is contrary to our previous estimates of the 2020 Corvette being produced through December, ending just before the Christmas/New Years break. We’ve reached out to one of our trusted sources who has confirmed the December 8th start day, and more importantly, confirmed that all 2020 orders will be completed by December 7th (barring any further disruptions).

On Wednesday, the plant built 184 Corvettes with the last VIN being 15,444 – leaving 4,737 to be built over the next five weeks. The Corvette Action Center shared a section of the memo that tells dealers that “production has stabilized with 2 shifts producing ~186 cars per day.” If that’s the current rate, they will need 25.5 days to complete the remaining 2020 orders.

In related 2021 news, dealers are receiving their first allocation numbers for the new model year. Dealers will begin officially submitting the orders to General Motors beginning next Thursday. We’ve been told the allocations are only for the first three months.

What this means is that dealers will know how many 2021 Corvette orders they can submit per cycle over the next three months and can begin contacting their buyers to confirm and submit those orders to GM. If your dealer reaches out to you in the next week, you’re among the first in line for a 2021 Corvette!

And now that the model year changeover is taking place earlier in December, it could be possible that the first 2021 Corvettes are delivered just in time for Christmas!

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  1. I want to have some of whatever GM is smoking. There is no way they can finish 4,737 cars in the 21 work days between Thursday November 6th through Monday December 7th. That’s 225.6 cars a day!

    Why do they do this to us?

  2. Looks like mine isn’t going to be built this year. Mine was ordered August 29.2019 when I traded in my 2016 LT2 . One of my neighbors got his , which was ordered after me at a different dealer which he told me to go too. But I got three vehicles there, including my 2016 , so I decided to stay there as I was number three on his wait list.

  3. Accepting orders now? But will GM honor them! Just ask the people who still haven’t received the 2020 C8 that they ordered months and months ago.

  4. Feels horrible to wait 1+ year with a deposit on a 2020 C8, get it finally the last month in 2020 and now 2021 models are out. I’ll basically have the car 1 month and it’ll be a year old already, not to mention all the first year model issues. 😑

  5. Hey John….I was going to cancel my order for a 2020 model since it came in late and my dealer said I had to wait for a 2021. My argument was that the 2020 would be much more valuable since it was the first of the mid engines. I believe GM is making changes all along the build cycles so you won’t get a lemon although you might miss out on a few options but at the same time you might also save some money. I would say that I would trade you my 21 for your 20 in a minute.

  6. Wow so I’m gonna get my 2020 corvette a week or two before the 2021s come out. Thanks GM thats fair. Seems a discount or something should happen. Paying $110,000 for a vehicle thats already outdated by a year within a month of having it…

  7. Well I do have good news , most have been waiting a year just like me and I ordered a little before my birthday November 18 and I received the code 4B00 and Vin# the car is on the truck. My birthday is next week ,now I just need to know how long it may take wants loaded . Hallelujah

  8. Some of you guys are looking at this all wrong. If you are getting a 2020 now you’re car is already lowest mile mid engine corvette. GM was on strike first (2 months) then over 3 months not even working . If you do get your 2020 it will be your best investment you ever made during a Pandemic .

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