[PIC] Chip Foose Appreciates Those Early Corvettes


[PIC] Chip Foose Appreciates Those Early Corvettes

Photo Credit: Chip Foose / Twitter

Automotive designer extraordinaire Chip Foose has always had a thing for Corvettes. He won the 2015 Ridler Award at Detroit’s Autorama with a car called the Imposter – a 1965 Chevrolet Impala body over a 2008 Corvette chassis.

But not all of Chip’s work is customizing hot rods as this 1961 Corvette shows.

Foose tweeted the photo of a red 1961 Corvette in his shop with the caption “ready for the road” after the transmission was rebuilt and a new exhaust from Magnaflow was added. With new tires and fresh fluids, the only other thing this ’61 Corvette required was a full detail:

This C1 Corvette is the classic American Icon – with white coves against the red body and the period correct white wall tires. We can imagine the owner is pretty happy not only to have his car ready for the road, but knowing that another American Icon – Chip Foose – did the work on the car. It will make a good story at the next Cars and Coffee for sure!

Chip Foose / Twitter

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