[PIC] GM Authority Renders Corvette-Inspired SUV


[PIC] GM Authority Renders Corvette-Inspired SUV

Photo Credit: GMAuthority.com

Rumors have been making the rounds for years about Chevrolet possibly leveraging the Corvette moniker into a stand-alone lineup of vehicles that might include an SUV.

We’re not sure that will ever happen, but just in case, GM Authority has shared another rendering of what such a high-performance SUV, this time with off-road capabilities, could look like.

The response on the internet, to say the least, has not been very kind. We’ll share some comments with you after we tell you more about the rendering.

GM Authority describes it as a Z71 model with “all the off-roading gear expected of the name, but without mucking up the standard C8 Corvette design cues.”

Those features include larger tires “to handle a variety of terrain and conditions,” the website points out, but on the other hand, how many people who pay big bucks for this kind of SUV are ever going to take it into the woods?

GM Authority’s rendering also includes new aggressive-looking tires on two-tone split-five-spoke wheels, a suspension lift for the “appropriate stance,” and black trim bits around the wheel wells and step-ups in the profile. Adding to the look are red tow hooks in the front fascia, red hash marks on the fender, a modified front bumper for a better approach angle, a skid plate, and Z71 badging on the front doors.

Earlier this year, GM Authority released a rendering of a similar Corvette SUV dressed as a “street-oriented performance model” whereas this drawing shows “a high-performance desert stormer” aimed at competitors like the Ford Raptor.

Now for those comments from a few readers on GM Authority:

“That’s awful. Looks ready to challenge the Ford Escape maybe. You’re hurting the Chevrolet Corvette just by creating and posting it.”

“Just make me a damn Jimmy using the Canyon platform. Stop with this nonsense.”


But there are those who think expanding the lineup could be a good strategy for GM, like this person:

“I kind of like this idea. Turn the Corvette brand into what Porsche started 20+ years ago. A few Corvette models in the $60 – $120 range is a place GM needs to go in my view. A Corvette line could be legit, authentic and have really good margins. No other GM brand has the juice to go to this space.”

What do you think? In our opinion, GM already has a vehicle similar to this with the new Blazer, though we think they didn’t go far enough. We would definitely like to see the old LT1 engine and a performance suspension as options to spice things up.


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  1. Ok I am thinking about buying the Ultimate Denali for the winter and a C8 for the summer. Put them together and this might work for me. Maybe enough cas left over for my Ferrari!!

  2. First no manual in the C8, and now this ?! After owning several Corvettes I have to say given this current direction, my next vehicle likely won’t a Bow Tie one. Congrats, you lost another customer.

  3. Enough with this Corvette SUV crap.

    There are already models within the Corvette line. We all them Z51, Z06, Grand Sport and ZR1.

    Corvette is a car. Not a brand.

  4. Can we please cease with these supposed fever dreams? Literally no one has asked for such a model.

  5. NO ! and HELL NO!! Don’t disrespect the Corvette name, by sticking it on another boring, “Truck”. Chevy has a large line of SUV’s they can sell and make more money on
    them then God. Who cares if Ford and Porcha are doing it, they are just selling out their heritage. Keep the damn “bean counters” away from the Corvettes

  6. Good point. A Vette is my dream car and I think GM could build a version of the Trackhawk. Super charged 6.2 V8 would kick butt. Fix or repair daily would sink like a cast iron anchor. Jmho

  7. You guys said it all (except for Cam and Dom). I think there’s some people in the Ivory Tower that have too much time on their hands.

  8. How entertaining, to see people get so worked up about what some big corporation might decide to sell because they’re in the business of selling things. Sheesh.

  9. Debbie, you’re obviously not a Corvette owner and you don’t understand being in love with a material thing. So, what are you doing on this site?

  10. Right on Ronnie.
    I’ve been a Corvette owner for almost 45 years.
    People who say stupid crap like that don’t understand.
    Again, the Corvette was designed over 67 YEARS AGO as a sports car for two people.
    Do you get it Debbie?

  11. Yes I do get it, actually. I also know that Porsche 2 seaters were designed over 70 years ago, but Porsche sportscars, while they sell very well and are loved by their owners and fans, are now outsold by the Taycan, the sales of which help to support the brand.
    And yes, I currently own and love a C7, thank you. 😉

  12. If GM wants a hot SUV, I’m all for it. They just need to do what Chrysler did with the Trackhawk. Put the LT 4 or even the LT 5 in the Tahoe, but DON’T CALL IT A CORVETTE.

  13. @Ronnie Exactly this take! GM should absolutely make a performance SUV to compete in that high-end market with the likes of Porsche and Lamborghini. And that pretty much necessitates that it be a Cadillac, or possibly GMC model. But Corvette is not a brand, nor should it ever be. It is a single model — a 2 place, now mid engined, sports car. To do anything else with the Corvette name would be beyond mystifying.

  14. @ Kevin: Ha! I thought you guys were joking — now I KNOW you are, obviously! Your comment is from … 1953! Good one!
    See you on the road, my friends… 😉

  15. Please don’t do this! The Corvette is a two seater sports car. Instead, work on something realistic like perhaps a Cadillac SUV with the blackwing engine!

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