[PIC] Here’s a Corvette SUV Rendering We Can Get Behind!


[PIC] Here's a Corvette SUV Rendering We Can Get Behind!

Photo Credit: jza802jzmk4 / Instagram

Who needs that fancy front end lift option on a new mid-engine Corvette when the owner could just have a whole body lift?

That’s just what automotive artist Adam Dao has dreamed up with his impressive computer talents – a lifted 2020 Stingray that definitely should be able to clear any steep driveway you throw at it!

While we’re aware that very few C8 owners would ever go to such extremes to modify their cars, we personally love the macho look added by the huge tires and wheels, tough-looking front bumper complete with an LED light strip, and oversized wheel well black moldings.

Hopefully, though, there is really someone out there with just enough gumption – and dollars – to create such a unique play toy out of their new Stingray.

So, how about it, guys at Gas Monkey Garage or Bitchin’ Rides? We’re throwing down the gauntlet for you to take Adam’s 4WD dream and create this car for real. We’d even be willing to take it for a test drive for you on that new Overland Course for four-wheel drive vehicles that’s under construction at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park!

jza802jzmk4 / Instagram via AutoEvolution.com

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