[PICS] Digital Artist Renders a C7 Corvette-Inspired SUV


[PICS] Digital Artist Renders a C7 Corvette-Inspired SUV

We’ve shown you renderings of C7-inspired SUVs in the past.

The latest of those imaginative creations arrived recently from a designer named Aniket Kamble, and, yes, this long-time Corvette enthusiast has to admit we like the way this SUV looks.

It actually reminds us of the new Chevy Blazer, just with a C7 front end instead of one grafted from a Camaro and a more aggressive rear end with black vents. While the Blazer looks great, we feel it could stand the addition of some more horsepower, say in the form of the C7’s 460-horsepower LT1 engine.

Personally, we like the idea of a Corvette SUV. While some would argue that such a vehicle would dilute the brand, we would point to the example of the Lamborghini Urus, which has sent that company’s sales soaring to record levels and likely increased their profits to the same stratospheric heights.

[PICS] Digital Artist Renders a C7 Corvette-Inspired SUV

Our biggest concern is that a Corvette SUV would cannibalize sales of other Chevy vehicles like the Tahoe and Suburban, though it’s also possible that such a SUV would take sales away from brands like Porsche and Jaguar.

The key for us is that this Stingray SUV would have to be an engineering marvel the way the C8 Corvette is; just a rebadged Blazer or Tahoe would be an insult to the history of the brand.

There aren’t that many domestic competitors in that segment, just the ugly Tesla Model X or the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

We’d love to be behind the scenes right now and know if Chevy officials might really get serious about expanding the Corvette brand, the way Porsche and Lamborghini have already done.

[PICS] Digital Artist Renders a C7 Corvette-Inspired SUV

With word that even Ferrari is getting into the SUV scene in 2022, we wouldn’t be surprised if a Corvette offshoot becomes a reality. After all, with the auto market changing so rapidly these days, no company can afford to be afraid to take risks, can it?

Actually, with the Corvette reputation at record levels these days, we don’t know if it would be much of a risk at all to offer such an SUV.


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  1. Since a Corvette SUV would most likely not have much “utility”, GM shouldn’t need to lose sleep about losing Suburban or Tahoe sales!

  2. U-G-L-Y. Ugly, I say. Ugly! Kind of like putting your ex-wife’s mothers grandmothers picture in your new girlfriends picture frame. And I’m a Corvette nut. On my 5th one and ready for #6. This would destroy the brand. Kind of like that stupid Mustang suv. YUK !

  3. Disgraceful. Why are we still discussing this disgusting idea?

    I think the writers here are missing a key point about the Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari SUVs. Those manufacturers have nothing else to sell except high price, premuim sports cars, and due to basic economics, they need income. GM doesn’t have that problem.

    GM already sells a variety of SUVs. And we are seeing how the heresy of the “Mustang Mach-E” is folding out. GM, if you are reading this, don’t you dare do this to the Corvette.

    Can we please do away with the Corvette SUV ideations? The Corvette is a car. With history and tradition. NOT a brand!

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