Corvettes on Craigslist: 2020 Black Corvette Stingray for $186,000


Corvettes on Craigslist: 2020 Black Corvette Stingray for $186,000

Just when we thought there might be some sanity returning to the mid-engine Corvette market, we saw this ad last night out of Rome, Georgia asking a whopping $186,000 for one of the first 200 Stingrays produced!

Admittedly, this black car is nicely equipped, starting with the $5,000 Z51 and the $7,300 2LT packages, and it also includes GT2 seats done in Natural ($1,495), 5-Trident-Spoke Machined-Face Sterling Silver-painted Aluminum Wheels ($1,495), Front Lift ($1,495), Bright Red-painted Calipers ($595), Magnetic Selective Ride Control ($1,895).

Based on a quick run through the Chevy Build and Price website, the car looks to have listed for right at $80,000.

Corvettes on Craigslist: 2020 Black Corvette Stingray for $186,000

We’re not told how many miles are on this Corvette, but it’s said to have been “garage kept” and described as an “old guy driven cream puff” so it’s probably very low mileage.

Obviously, this is still a ridiculous price, or so we thought until a quick search on Auto Trader turned up other high prices for C8s, including an ad for VIN 24 – an Arctic White coupe – with an asking price of $199,000 in Beverly Hills, California! Under Seller Comments, we’re told that we can “get the Kobe Bryant mid-engine 2020 C8 – There can only ever be one.” Apparently, the late NBA star may have owned this one before his untimely death.

Corvettes on Craigslist: 2020 Black Corvette Stingray for $186,000

In all, there are 190 of the 2020 Corvettes for sale on Auto Trader, with the lowest asking price we spotted being $89,500 for a Blade Silver 1LT with 14 miles. From there, the prices quickly escalated into the upper 90s, with many in the $120K to $130K range.

With the Bowling Green Assembly Plant cranking out hundreds of more 2020s every week, how long do you think this pricing frenzy will continue? After waiting this long, not many of these additional new owners likely will want to part with their beloved Stingrays quite yet, so even with increased numbers on the road, the used market may still be tight for several more months. What do you think?

Corvettes on Craigslist: 2020 Black Corvette Stingray for $186,000


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  1. I wonder, did they buy them for the excitement of owning one, or for the idea of speculation, for the idea of buying, driving and keeping it and then find out it wasn’t what they were wanting ?

  2. $186,000 C8 2020 pre covid VIN built in the first 10% of the expected adjusted 2020 production should go to someone with more money then time as long as you can’t walk into a Chevy dealer and drive home a C8 on the same day!

  3. Asking price and selling price are two different things. This seller might as well ask $500,000 for the car. Why stop at $186,000. lol The factory is cranking these C8’s out now at the rate of almost 200 C8’s per day. Who in their right mind would add over $100,000 to the depreciation of this car when they go to sell it next year? Nuts….. Best of luck to this seller.

  4. before you know it, once the rush is over C8”s will be languishing on show room floors like the C7……
    so calm down.

  5. I hope that speculator who is trying to make a killing on his C8 , selling it for $186,000 gets no buyers and doesn’t make a dime on it. Greedy people, never think of themselves as “Greedy”…they think they are a smart businessman..and anybody that doesn’t do that,
    is just a “looser ” and a “sucker” I remember when everyone was buying up those 87 Corvette Pace Cars…and stashing them away in their garage, hoping to make a killing 20 years down the road. The problem with those Corvettes..they built too many. A few people might have made money on them, both most people only got what ever a normal 87 was selling for.

  6. If Kobe Bryant actually drove or took delivery of the C8 that is allegedly registered to him, I might actually buy it for the terribly inflated price. Paul Newman and Steve McQueen cars have recently gone for a lot of money. However, if this was a car intended for Kobe and was never registered to his name, even if it was ordered for him and by him and optioned by him, I’d have to pass. If he signed the paperwork and took delivery and if it can be proven that he drove the car, then yes, I’d pay stupid money for it. As mentioned if the paperwork wasn’t signed by him during a delivery process and/or he never drove the car, then someone else can have it with the vague idea that it was intended for him. AF

  7. I think they call it “Kobe Bryant” car because of the number 24…regardless, ridiculous markup!

  8. I put down a deposit for a 2020 convertible in December 2019. I was notified I would have to reorder a 2021. I am buying mine to drive for many years. If someone is crazy enough to offer me $80K more than I paid then I will be glad to order another one. Lol

  9. Don’t be a fool. Be patient and order one that you REALLY want from a dealer at sticker price!

  10. I order mine in September 2019 and put a deposit the same day ,the dealer finally put the order in March .
    I’m getting a 2020 but GOD knows when .
    Why they waited that long to placed the order ?

  11. $186,000 is crazy but many automotive journalists have said the C8 is a better car than competitors costing two or three times as much. And both dealers in Tampa area have already accepted deposits through their 2021 expected allotments. And dealers are generally following GM strict guidelines that all C8s must be ordered by a paying customer and not selling allotment sequence cars to highest bidders. So if you want one try to find a dealer that still has some 2021 allotment cars and will accept your deposit,

  12. Comment – Andy C. I feel your pain, but pretty sure no C8s have been pushed ahead of yours, certainly not mine. On behalf of the whole Corvette Team, Tadge and Kai Spande both expressed their regrets for the unfortunate delays at the NCM 26th Anniversary couple weeks ago. Most dealers including mine were already sold out of their 2020 C8 allotments by September 2019. Bowling Green has made every effort to build to order sequence as submitted by dealers and dealers have generally followed GM guidelines for ordering by their allotted numbers in sequence and selling at list price. After the strike ended, Bowling Green had to complete the assembly of the hundreds of 2019 C7s that had been left sitting on the line before the strike. Then just as Bowling Green was ramping up to speed on the 2020s the Covid19 delayed production another 4 months – “Who knew?” The delays also delayed the ramp up the much needed second shift until this month. GM and the C8 suppliers are committed to building the highest quality Corvettes ever and fill the orders ASAP. Congratulations on selecting the most enthusiastically received best performing highest quality Corvette ever. GM-retired engineer 45 great years including support for the C2 – C6.

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