Corvettes for Sale: A 2020 Corvette Stingray for $159,880


Corvettes for Sale: A 2020 Corvette Stingray for $159,880

Is a “unicorn” Corvette really worth paying nearly double the sticker price?

With first the UAW strike and now the coronavirus wreaking havoc with the production of the new generation mid-engine Corvette, some dealers and owners are looking for a quick way to keep paying their bills in the midst of the current economic shutdown. reports that one 2020 Corvette really stands out from the crowd, with an asking price of $159,880! Their explanation for the huge markup: “I don’t really know how to answer that question.” But the spokesman for Silicon Auto Group near Austin, Texas went on to tell Autoblog that he has people to pay and that this is a unicorn and the only one in the world like it.

Corvettes for Sale: A 2020 Corvette Stingray for $159,880

That remains to be seen, but obviously, VIN 0061 is pretty well loaded out, with the top-of-the-line 3LT package ($11,950) and the now-on-constraint carbon fiber ground effects package ($4,850).

In all, the Arctic White over Adrenaline Red Stingray is estimated to boast a final sticker price of $96,595 with the destination charge included.

Also on the list of options are:

  • Z51 Performance Package ($5,000)
  • Full-length Carbon Flash Metallic Racing Stripe ($995)
  • Engine Appearance Package ($995)
  • Front Lift ($1,495)
  • Black Trident Wheels ($2,695)
  • Battery Protection Package ($100)
  • Magnetic Ride Control ($1,895)
  • Carbon Flash Metallic Wing ($1,150)
  • Red Brake Calipers ($595)
  • Transparent Roof Panel ($995)
  • Carbon Flash Metallic Side Mirrors ($100)
  • Torch Red Seat Belts ($395)
  • Two-tone Seats ($395)
  • Carbon Fiber Interior Trim ($1,500)

It all boils down to the old tale of supply and demand. As the dealership says in its ad, SILICON HAS THE VEHICLE IN STOCK AND READY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY.

Corvettes for Sale: A 2020 Corvette Stingray for $159,880

Whether IMMEDIATE DELIVERY is worth adding the price of another base C8 just to be the first kid on your block with a loaded mid-engine Stingray is something that can only be answered by someone’s wallet. Wouldn’t it suck if you pulled up in your new C8, having paid $160K, and your next-door neighbor pulled up in an identical Stingray?

What do you think? If you had the money, would you go for it or just be patient and wait on the 2021s, or better yet hope that you can gobble up another 2020 turned down by the original intended purchaser?

Corvettes for Sale: A 2020 Corvette Stingray for $159,880

(NOTE: We searched this morning on eBay and saw the auction listing for this Stingray had a reduced price of $154,880 while at its listed for $159,880. Other 2020 Corvettes with high prices include $119,000 for VIN 2719 at Van Chevrolet in Scottsdale, Arizona, with optimistically saying that there is a 90 percent chance this “hot car” will sell in 6 days. Eight other C8s were listed above $100,000, but that may not mean price gouging as Davis Gainesville Chevrolet in Gainesville, Florida is just asking sticker price for its 3LT with a whopping MSRP of $113,825.)

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  1. Only a sucka pays over sticker for a mass-produced anything. Could be a good deal if GM shuts down today…if GM remains in business, there are some 38,000 of these in the pipeline , most of which will end up getting discounted.

  2. In my opinion, anyone that would pay over sticker for a 2020 Corvette or ant Sports car has more money than brains !!!!

  3. We have a story similar to this one that broke on Canadian Corvette Forum, where some guy, I believe in Calgary, paid more than double for one. There are plenty of loaded suckers out there on both sides of the border.

  4. JUNK; $100k OVER the base price yet there’s very little if anything that adds to the overall performance of the car.. if anyone is going to be spending $160K, it should be for a his and her’s C8 and not just a Corvette with a lot of lipstick on it.

  5. If heard that if and when the plant is allowed to reopen Chevy might opt to re-tool it for the 2021s and cancel the remaining 2020 orders … If that turns out to the case, seems to me that could make the existing 2020s comparatively rare and therefore more valuable.

    Has anyone heard of the possible cancelling of the 2020 orders …? Chevy won’t say. I have one that was fairly close to going into production before the plant closed. It’s been my dream to own a Corvette since the first one came out … If I have to wait for the 2021s, I may be too old to drive.

  6. I have had a deposit and completed order with my dealer for seven months. My dealer has provided no vehicle order updates and has not been very encouraging. I am willing to pay MSRP for a 2020 only. If a 2021 is my only option then all bets are off, deal, or “no deal” for me.

  7. A hundred & sixty Grand for a car to some people is like twelve hundred dollars for a cell phone or thirty thousand dollars for a pinky ring is to other people.
    Money in itself has no value unless you spend it. The people who say these
    people are stupid or suckers are most likely unable to afford these things.
    And, if they could, then these stupid suckers are buying things that only a stupid sucker would buy.
    Don’t forget what P. T. Barnum said.

  8. There’s no way on earth I’d ever pay over window sticker price for any car–in fact, I’d never even pay sticker, regardless of how hard the car might be to get at a particular time. As far as the C8 goes, if I were interested in acquiring one, I’d be more than happy to wait for a “true” 2021 MY car. There are just too many outside influences/situations that are impacting the production of the 2020 MY cars.

  9. Auto Trader has several brand new 2020’s for MSRP. My guess is there won’t be anymore 2020’s built. There are so many factors working against that. If you got one it could be considered limited production.

  10. This is a very interesting discussion. During my search of the Internet on or about the 16th of April, I saw a C8 in the off white color with a Z51 packages and well-optioned, listed for $128,000+ in Orange County, Ca. Some people will pay a premium to get what they want. There are people who draw a line in the sand and won’t pay over sticker for any car and likewise would not pay over invoice on a Rolex Batman, for example. But those Batman Rolex’s are selling fairly frequently from $16-18,000.00. The C8 has been declared the hottest car on the Market for 2020. It’s a gamble to some extent. 2,700 built could quickly go to 10,000 C8’s built, if the line opens any time in the next month. GM needs to decide if they want to keep the build line open on the 2020’s, or get busy to meet the August 1 normal 2021 start date. They have gotten behind through no fault of their own. However, perhaps the Corvette should attempt to get back on a proper time-line and start the 2021’s by August 1. If they don’t, they may get further behind again and never, “catch up.” That will be up to the marketing people at GM and the accountants and those who will try to make sense of this Covid-19 virus era. They will likely factor in their suppliers of parts such as engines, now made in Mexico, which as of this writing has shut down production. (In a sense, supplier problems are what killed the Carbon Fiber ground effects option for the C8, not all that long ago. AF

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