[SPIED] Camouflaged C8 Corvette Driving in Colorado


[SPIED] Camouflaged C8 Corvette Driving in Colorado

On the heels of yesterday’s spotting of nine C8 Corvette prototypes in a Colorado hotel parking lot, we went digging into social media looking for more examples of these Corvettes on the road.

One of the Facebook groups we joined a few years back is called the Colorado Car Spotters which had previously shared photos of the Corvette prototypes undergoing high-altitude testing in the state and sure enough, there was this spotting of a C8 Corvette driving down the highway in camouflage.

[SPIED] Camouflaged C8 Corvette Driving in Colorado

This C8 Corvette is completely wrapped in camouflage and that extends to the rear engine hatch to discourage any passers-by from getting a glimpse of the engine. The car also has some testing plugs sticking out of each of the rear corners.

Unlike the previous Z06 sightings over the last year, this prototype appears to be a Stingray based on the body style and wheels. However, Chevy could be hiding a number of upgraded components under the guise of further testing the Stingrays, so every sighting is noteworthy.

Colorado has long been a testing destination for automobile manufacturers to test the cars in higher elevations. Previously, we’ve seen the cars in and around Breckenridge, CO., which has an elevation of 9,600 feet. The higher the altitude, the lower the air density which means the vehicles have to work harder to burn fuel. So when we hear that cars are testing in Colorado, we have to think they are testing changes to the powertrain.

[SPIED] Camouflaged C8 Corvette Driving in Colorado

Back to that spotting by TFL.com with the nine C8 Corvette prototypes in the parking lot, we have to believe there will be additional sightings on these cars and we are especially interested to see any of those that may have been covered while parked. Stay tuned and if you’re in the Colorado area and you see something, say something!!

Colorado Car Spotters / Facebook

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  1. To see what appears to be a stock C8 in camo peaks my interest and the imagination. I’m out of my depth here as I’m not familiar with the traditions of Corvette testing as it relates to the standard model and any of the new models which may be coming. Certainly, that, “thin air,” testing, makes a lot of sense. AF

  2. What if?…..what if this was just some dude in Colorado that had his car “wrapped” to look like a C8 test car? People mimic cop cars so why not?

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