[SPIED] Possible 2022 Corvette Z06 Prototypes Testing in Colorado


[SPIED] Possible 2022 Corvette Z06 Prototypes Testing in Colorado

File Photo: Brian Willaims (Spiedbilde)

A test fleet of heavily camouflaged C8 Chevy Corvettes was seen leaving the parking lot of a Denver, Colorado hotel this morning, according to a reader that shared a photo of the vehicles with TFLCar.com.

And that could mean good news for enthusiasts who are seeking even more power out of the eighth-generation Corvette.

Some of the wrapped-up test cars appear to be the upcoming Z06 or ZR1 models, according to the website.

While the coronavirus may have changed the timeline for the arrival of these higher-power mid-engine Corvettes, a leak back in April revealed that a new model would debut each year, beginning in 2022, with the Z06 first, followed by the Grand Sport, the ZR1 and ultimately the 1,000-horsepower electrified Zora.

TFLCars surmises that a 5.5-liter flat-plane crank V8 engine will power the Z06 and ZR1, but with different amounts of horsepower. The Z06 is estimated at 650 horsepower, while the ZR1 and its possible twin turbos could churn out 850 horsepower.

The website points out that prototypes are frequently seen in Colorado and believes crews are likely altitude-testing this big group of Corvettes in the Rocky Mountains.

Furthermore, TFL says the angle and distance of the photo make it hard to tell what sort of Corvettes are pictured, but the bodies do seem to be wider on the cars hidden under covers. They also don’t appear to have the wings normally associated with higher-performance models like the ZR1 and Z06.

Perhaps some of our eagle-eyed readers may be able to expand on these theories. We’re curious to hear what you think the significance, if any, of the red mirrors on two of the cars might mean.


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  1. It’s too bad that those cars sound awful! The ZO6 doesn’t even sound like a Corvette anymore. It sounds more like a European sports car now. GM much like Ford is trying to appeal to customers who normally wouldn’t buy an American made car. The performance of the new ZO6 will be incredible! Unfortunately the soundtrack won’t match the performance.

  2. Robert has a point. The lope of a crossplane crank engine is American and cams accentuate them as do multiple American exhaust upgrades. The so-called european sound is exceptionally variable and there are literally dozens of after market exhaust systems to change the sound to what Americans seem to like best. Would you like and example? Those familiar with Ferrari will nod in assent when it is mentioned that a majority of owners often put a Tubi exhaust system on their Ferrari’s, spending a lot of money for a well-made exhaust that changes the car’s tone or sound but delivers between -1 and +1 horse power gains for all the money spent. Gasses coming from the American style V8’s often cause interference patterns because of their firing order. Flat plane crank technology allows for each piston/cylinder firing to be in the opposite bank throughout and therefore scavenging of gasses in naturally aspirated engines (which have their own sound – X-Turbo) help by tuning the pipes to actually have a back end sucking motion during the overlap period of the valves, helping a larger charge to make it into the engine’s cylinders during the four stroke/cycle combustion process. Every little bit helps, particularly with a manual shift. On a DCT, possibly not as much of a difference, but American tuning of these engines have quite a bit of time in front of them. AF

  3. When watching IMSA Racing you could hear the GTLM C7-R coming well before it was in sight, the C8-R sounds just like all the other Ring Dings on the track. There is nothing that can replace the Roar of an American Big Throaty V-8, that Roar will be missed. I am thankful that the Base Model and Z-51 still have that Roar, with just shy of 500 HP I believe I will be happy with that. Maybe not the Top Dogs but with 495 HP they still have the sound of a Corvette. My 2 cents…. 🙂

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