[SPIED] Listen to These C8 Corvette Z06 Prototypes as They Leave a Park


[SPIED] Listen to These C8 Corvette Z06 Prototypes as They Leave a Park

Screenshot Credit: Robin Warner / Twitter

Today must be C8 Corvette Z06 Day as there have been multiple sightings of the elusive mid-engine prototypes posted to the internet in just the last couple of hours.

The 2022 Corvette Z06s and their entourage were spotted by Autoweek’s Robin Warner who captured the group of engineers at Halfmoon Lake Park in Michigan and shared his find to Twitter. The group included the two black camo’d C8 Corvette Z06 prototypes, two C8 Corvette Stingrays, as well as the now-familiar benchmark examples of the Porsche GT2 RS and Ferrari’s 488.

The prototypes are covered in the heavy black camouflage coverings and but there’s no mistaking the wider Michelin tires, expected to be the Pilot Sport Cup 2 R-spec. The wheels and brakes are hidden from view by a black wheel cover that’s zip-tied to the wheel’s spokes. We also see some wide rocker panels and the rear deck looks like there cutouts for a rear wing which also made it’s public debut today.

As the group was leaving the park, Robin was strategically positioned to capture the sound of the exhaust note from the prototypes who did their best to leave very quietly. As the group departs the parking lot, the two prototypes with the Accelerate Yellow Stingray in the middle leave first, so you can easily hear the differences in the sound between the two models.

Here’s another video from Randy Hermann that has the start-up of the Corvette Z06 Prototypes and then the cars rolling out:

Now that we have your attention, there were some spy photos of the Corvette Z06 prototype with the wing spoiler that’s mounted with two stanchions very much like the 2019 ZR1. The wing is pretty wild looking but knowing Kirk Bennion and the work he’s done in the wind tunnel previously, you can bet its unique shape will serve multiple purposes.

These are spy photos were bought and paid for, so head over to GM Authority and check them all out.

We’ve been learning much about the next C8 model as development is slowly progresses from the prototype stage we are in now to the production of the car next year. The powerplant is said to a naturally-aspirated 5.5-liter flat-plane crank DOHC V8 called the LT6 that’s capable of producing around 650-horsepower. The Z07 version is even rumored to have active-aerodynamics in addition to the wider Michelin PSC2 tires.

Robin Warner / Twitter

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  1. C8 Z06, C8R I don’t see a mystery there. To drive on the street the Z06 will need to be softer and heavier then the C8R, Z06 can’t be as loud as the C8R and will probably have a 8 speed DCT and not a sequential 6 speed. 650 horse power at the crank and the C8R wide body will show up as the Z06 brother from another mother! Then when it hits the street we can watch all the new owners on YouTube to rebuild them in their own image. Who will wreck the first C8, Z06?

  2. YouTube videos are very informative as one thing appears to be a given is that it is not possible to supercharged a C8 Corvette because of the placement of the transmission; thus, all C8 Corvettes may only be naturally aspirated unless Chevrolet is willing to do some serious re-design work.

    It may not be possible to greatly improve engine output via turbochargers either as this is why Hennessey Performance achieved their 205 mph C8 Corvette that featured a Nitrous injection system and not twin-turbos.

  3. You have to laugh at these ”spy shots.” GM certainly wasn’t going for a stealthy Testing cycle with a highlighter yellow C8 in the middle.

  4. For a Corvette, that has to be the saddest thing ever. They sound like Asian crap. What the H is powering them, a 3 banger?

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