[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Beats Up Repeatedly on a Tuned Dodge Demon


[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Beats Up Repeatedly on a Tuned Dodge Demon

We’ve been featuring various videos from the JMC Rides YouTube channel as John has a great knack of keeping us entertained with his various C8 Corvette adventures. In this latest video, his 2020 Corvette is going up against a Dodge Demon with at least 808 hp, although that horsepower number is suspect based on the car’s mods.

John sets up the video with a bit of backstory about wanting to race a stock Dodge Demon. He eventually was contacted by an owner who appeared set to go, but then he went a month without hearing from him. Suddenly his phone rings again and the Dodge owner is now ready to go. Just one problem though as John hears the Mopar pull into the meeting spot, he notices right off that the car isn’t stock. Turns out it was cat-less and was wearing Mickey Thompson street racing slicks and skinny tires on the front. With no check engine light on the car, John is sure the car has also been tuned.

Following the quick drive to Mexico, the two cars square off against each other. After being left on a starting line by the mid-engine Corvette in the first race, the Dodge driver claims he couldn’t hear the Corvette’s horn over his loud exhaust, so the Demon will be sounding the horn to start the action.

The next two races are pretty much carbon copies of each other, and in both cases, the C8 Corvette gets the jump on the Demon and never looks back.

Following the races, John goes to his laptop and deconstructs the dig races. The Dodge owner did a burnout before all three races but it was no help on the non-prepped surface roads. At the track, John says his C8 wouldn’t have had a chance. But on the streets, it was no contest as the video shows.

JMC Rides / YouTube

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  1. Roll racing ain’t real racing. bring the pos corvette to a drag strip I’ll whoop its ass with my hellcat.

  2. I still find it funny that Chevrolet had to build an Italian supercar to beat Dodges big boy muscle car. Also I have been talking to the youtuber who made the video and the Demons mods are the new tires and the guy removed the Cat that’s it. So still pretty much stock. I wouldn’t count anything from the Demon crate as aftermarket since you get all of it for a dollar.

  3. Street racing in MEXICO? You guy have more nerve than me. Race outcome was exactly what I thought it would be before I saw the video. The Demon has more power, more weight and less traction. We already know the Demon is capable of high 9s and the Corvette high 10s on a dragstrip. I have a C3 and a C6, but would buy a Challenger in a heartbeat for a daily driver. Even though it’s an older body style, it’s still one of the best looking cars on the road.

  4. @Tim. Do your homework buddy. Dodge is still owned by Fiat/Ferrari until January 2021. Last i checked those were Italian too. No cars in America are American anymore execpt the blue Oval.

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