C8 Corvette Owner Annoyed Over Glovebox Issue – Updated with Instructions


C8 Corvette Owner Annoyed Over Glovebox Issue

Photo Credit: smytheca23 / Reddit

Admit it, most people are impressed with the latest gizmos.

While she was taking a couple of our son’s friends home the other day in our new Blazer, my wife says they were in awe of the fancy technology Chevy packed into the SUV, space-age features like the way they could see all around the vehicle through the bird’s eye camera system, not to mention the wide-angle view behind the vehicle that popped up on the rearview mirror.

But sometimes, you have to wonder, are we getting a little too complicated with our vehicles? How much will it cost to fix these fancy systems when they quit working – after the warranty expires?

Case in point is a post on Reddit Tuesday from a C8 owner complaining that the glovebox in his brand new Stingray won’t open. “Silly engineers put the relay for the glovebox — behind the glovebox!” he reports.

This is the first case we’ve heard about a glovebox not opening in a C8, so we’re not sure if this is a widespread problem. Hopefully, it’s an isolated incident, but still….

Whatever happened to the good old days when you just pushed a manual button and the glovebox opened up without any kind of electronics involved at all? Some people lament the days when you just turned a crank to raise and lower your windows.

But were the good ol’ days really all that good? Those old systems weren’t fool-proof, either. How many times have you seen a glovebox latch get loose and fall out in an old car? But even if they do fail like that, you can still access the stuff inside the glovebox. Won’t be that easy with a C8, huh?

Those manual windows years ago weren’t perfect, either. I’ve had windows in classic cars that wouldn’t go up and down because something came loose inside the door and the handle just spun and spun around. Very annoying!

The moral of the story, I guess, is that any system made by man is eventually going to fail. Of course, in the case of the $60,000 C8, you hope that won’t be in the first few days of ownership.

Thanks for CorvetteBlogger contributor Jeremy Welborn, we have these “easy” instructions on how to manually open your glovebox:

Manual Glove Box Release
Manual Glove Box Release
Manual Glove Box Release
Manual Glove Box Release

reddit via motorillustrated.com

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  1. Gee, gets me thinking about “Brake by Wire” and “Steering by Wire” and autonomous driving cars and…18-wheelers. Gulp.

  2. If you had anything of value in your glove box you might want it to lock without you turning a key when you leave your car. The starter button unlocks everything with the key fob nearby! Should we all go back to a crank to start the engine? The pockets in the doors will accept anything you might put in a glove box. No lid!

  3. Does everyone have to go to the internet and cry about everything now at days. Wow you have a problem with the glove box, just take it to the deal and they’ll fix it. I had a small problem when I bought my C5 & C6 that was fixed easily at the dealer. Did I need to run to the internet and start crying, nope. We have so many people crying about every little thing today and it’s just getting sickening already.

  4. Reminds me of 1968 all over again. Remember all the hype of the “NEW corvette style” All the problems they encountered. But, 1969 was the bomb, 427 tri power. Most of engineering issues seemed to go away.
    Same principal for the 2008, everyone was in such a hurry to bring to market things were not all worked out. So i would have compare the 2 with the same
    So, lets all 2009 will be the bomb for the new owners of the 2009. Just saying

  5. I miss the drop down screen that is in the C7. The space behind it was the perfect place for my car gun – a S&W Bodyguard .380 semiauto. Perfect “holster”.

  6. On the c7, if valet mode is turned on, it locks the glovebox, could this be what has happened here?

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