The High Wing Option Is Being Removed from 2020 Corvette Orders Due To Vendor Supply Issues


The High Wing Option Is Being Removed from 2020 Corvette Orders Due to Vendor Supply Issues

Chalk up another victim of the Coronavirus.

Due to high demand and production interruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic, General Motors confirmed today in a letter to Chevrolet Dealers that existing 2020 orders containing the High Wing Spoiler will have the popular add-on option removed. GM has notified dealers which 2020 Corvette orders will have the High Wing removed.

GM first put the High Wing Spoilers on constraint back at the end of March telling dealers that both the Carbon Flash (5ZZ) and Body Color (5ZU) spoilers were no longer available to order. Moving forward, GM will be stripping those LPO options from existing orders much like they had to do with the Aero Ground Effects Kit (5VM) earlier in the year.

As a way to make it up to those individual customers who are impacted with the option’s removal from their order, GM will be offering a coupon for 25% off all Chevrolet accessories purchased through Chevy’s Accessory website. That coupon will be available for use from 7/1/20 – 7/31/21.

For those customers that still want the High Wing, there are a couple of options available. Owners will be able to reorder the option through their Chevrolet dealer’s parts department once they become available. The second option is to turn to the aftermarket where companies like our friends at ACS Composite and others will be offering similar High Wing spoilers. However, a quick check of the ACS website shows they are currently sold out as well.


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  1. FYI – The wing shown in the picture is not the OEM high wing spoiler discussed in the article. The picture shows an aftermarket item.

  2. Sorry, but in a non-competition (i.e., racing) environment, that high wing spoiler looks goofy to me. Maybe GM should consider offering whitewall tires and a bug deflector too!

  3. No problem with a hugely complicated engine, transmission, frame, but a 7 piece park bench is impossible to make… makes no sense.

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