[VIDEO] Corvette Assembly Plant Running Ahead of Target Production Schedule


[VIDEO] Corvette Assembly Plant Running One Week Ahead of Target Production

Photo Credits: Morgan Crosbie / YouTube

Our friend Morgan Crosbie who is a Chevy sales rep at Ontario’s Finch Chevrolet has a new video up on his Cars and Crosbie YouTube Channel today and while the main thrust is to offer a comparison of the 2020 Corvette 1LT vs his personal loaded 3LT Z51 Coupe. But before he gets into that, he offers some much welcome updates on the production of his customer cars at the Corvette Assembly Plant.

Morgan tells is that the 1LT Coupe behind him is VIN 3963 and it was produced some two weeks ago. With the quality control holds shortened now, Morgan says he is happy to see many of the details have been fine-tuned and that they are ironing out some of the kinks as had been reported previously.

He is also very excited as his customer cars that had a Target Production Week (TPW) of July 13 have already been produced, which means that the Assembly Plant is running a a week ahead of schedule in terms of producing the vehicles they determined were going to be produced at a later date. As a representative of Chevrolet, he is happy to be able to report to his customers that their cars were already built.

[VIDEO] Corvette Assembly Plant Running Ahead of Target Production Schedule

From there, Morgan offers a walk-around of the 1LT car which he calls a “stylish cruiser” as it doesn’t have the Z51 option. In fact, the Arctic White Stingray has just two options, the Sterling Silver Trident wheels and the NPP Performance exhaust. He also calls the Arctic White a “value” color as there is no upcharge for the paint.

Morgan also points out the fact that the non-Z51 cars come with the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 tires which he says will be more durable and should last longer than the Pilot Sport 4S summer tires found on the Z51 models.

The Chevy sales rep is also quick to point out that for customers who do get the base model, you are no way making any a sacrifices that are too monumental for you to think that its a different vehicle from the upper-level trim and performance models that are being tested by the auto magazines and tv shows. During his walk-around, he points out many of the value details that don’t detract from the Corvette ownership experience.

As always, Morgan offers a solid review so check out the full video if you are looking to build you own “value cruiser.”

From Cars and Crosbie via YouTube:

In this episode I show you the value that you get in a base model Corvette and why it is important to have a corvette specialist to help you design and order your Corvette.


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  1. Ahead of schedule might get a car with a 7-20-2020 build week out for the delivery by the end of the 7-29-2020 week. Just have to wait and see. Bowling Green is more then capable if allowed to be at work!

  2. I didn’t believe it, but the rumor is true. My build has been put off a couple of times but the last TPW was week of 7/20.
    The car was built on 7/15. Finally , I may have a car soon. 18 months after deposit, 11 months after order. Stoked. 🤙🏼

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