[VIDEO] It’s Corvette Day! IndyCar Racer Josef Newgarden Takes Delivery of His C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] It's Corvette Day! IndyCar Racer Josef Newgarden Takes Delivery of His C8 Corvette

Back on July 1st we shared a video of IndyCar’s Josef Newgarden and his tour of the Corvette Assembly Plant which officially occurred all the way back in February. Many of you enjoyed that video, not only for the behind-the-scenes look inside the plant pre-coronavirus but also because of Josef’s sense of humor as he made is way around the plant and spoke with different employees. Of course, the big payoff that day was that Josef got to see his completed Corvette at the end of the tour.

But that was February and Josef had to wait a few months before he actually took delivery of the car at Penske Chevrolet in Indianapolis. And that’s where this video starts up with Josef driving to the dealership on what he calls “Corvette Day”…The day he takes delivery of his 2020 Corvette Stingray.

Once in the car, he does what many of you have done which is to take delivery and then immediately visit an XPEL dealer to have paint protection added. Josef takes the car to ClearBra Indy for the work as Kyle from ClearBra Indy tells us that the IndyCar racer’s Corvette is now protected with XPEL Ultimate Plus, which covers every external surface on the car, as well as an application of XPEL Fusion ceramic coating and XPEL XR Plus window film. There are some quick views of the install and then Josef is back and ready to hit the road again.

After taking delivery of the car for the second time, Josef drives over to a parking garage for some more comments about the car and his relationship with XPEL, and then it’s time for him to make the 300 mile drive back home to Nashville.

In this episode of #ADMIT1, Josef picks up his brand new C8 from Penske Chevrolet in Indianapolis before taking it to ClearBra Indy for some fresh XPEL product!

On a personal note, it’s always satisfying when someone “famous” drives the same car as we do, but there’s a bit more validation when that person is a professional racecar driver. They know what real performance feels like and they can usually afford to purchase the best available. But in the case of the 2020 Corvette Stingray, we know the best isn’t always synonymous with being the most expensive.

Enjoy the Stingray, Josef!


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  1. I ordered my 2020 in January and the kit was not available at that time. GM has had 6 months to figure it out, what’s going on?


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