[VIDEO] The Changing Demographics of Corvette Buyers


[VIDEO] The Changing Demographics of Corvette Buyers

Our friend and Chevy representative serving customers in Canada is Morgan Crosbie of Finch Chevrolet in London, Ontario. Morgan is back with a new video on his Cars and Crosbie YouTube channel that tackles the current demographics of the C8 Corvette buyer and he asks the question on everyone’s mind, “Is the C8 Corvette attracting younger buyers?”

We know that the aging demographics of the Corvette buyer was one of the key factors for GM to create a mid-engine Corvette, and the early results are so far encouraging. I do think its important to note that only 2700 new C8 Corvettes have been built and only a subset of those have found their way to Canada. Morgan tells us the survey was conducted from previous customers as well as those who have an order pending for a current or future C8.

Morgan went through his client list and conducted a survey of age groups and the group that leads the purchases of the C8s are those between 40-49. In the findings, he notes that he had 5-6 buyers in the 70s in the last year with the C7, but not one of those buyers in the age group has purchased a C8 from him. He tells us his biggest gains are coming in the 30-39 age group, which he says is up 12 buyers for the C8 vs the C7.

[VIDEO] The Changing Demographics of Corvette Buyers

In discussing the numbers, one of the interesting comments made by Morgan based on talking with Corvette club members and others who attended their C8 Corvette unveiling suggests that the older age groups may be waiting 1-2 years before purchasing a mid-engine Corvette while the younger buyers who are now the leading consumer spenders are jumping right in.

As far as those conquest buyers (those that come from owning another luxury performance brand), Morgan says that some of the trade-ins for the C8 Corvette include a Gen 2 Ford GT, Lamborghini Gallardo, Dodge Viper, and even an Aston Martin DB9.

From Cars and Crosbie via YouTube:

I thought it would be a good idea to go over the major demographic changes that I have noticed happen in the transition from C7-C8 gen.

Morgan Crosbie / YouTube

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  1. I’m sure the percentage of new Corvette buyers in the US, will probably mirror Canada pretty close. Its good to see the younger people getting into a Corvette, so we can finally shed this thing about a Corvette being “an old man’s car” Its funny, I’m in my 70’s, defiantly in the old man category, but I have had Corvettes all my life, buying my first one ( a 1957) when I was 18. At that time the Corvette was consider a young man’s car. and we were all wild
    and crazy drivers LOL So I have grown up with Corvettes, and too me..its not an old man’s car, its an American Icon, that is fun to own.

  2. The last ten years or so I have noticed more and more younger people in Corvette’s. The C6 and especially the C7 have brought more young buyers into the Corvette lifestyle. I believe the C8 will continue that trend!

  3. I’m one of those guys who is in the 70’s age group, (74). I have a C8 on order and am diligently waiting for mine. I may be closer to 75 by the time l get it but it will be well worth the wait.

  4. What Jeff said.
    Yes, the Corvette used to be a young man’s car, and as the young men who bought them grew old, so did the Corvette’s style. Until the C6, C7, and especially the C8 came along, prior generations had just become symbols of what the aging demographic had turned into — something that would prefer to grow old without changing.
    Finally somebody realized that the round taillights, the flipup headlights, and ultimately, among other outdated items, the composite leaf spring and the FRONT ENGINE had to go, in order for this car not to be as curmudgeonly as those who resisted the changes.
    So now it’s a young man’s car (again) and I will be ordering one within the next three years. I will be about 70 then, but, like my C7, the C8 will make me feel young, too!

  5. I sound like you Jeff, but I’m in my 60’s & I also bought my 1st and only Vette when I was 18, a new ’76 that I’ve owned ever since. In my case I’ve gone full circle. It was a young man’s car like me when I bought it. Now you only see old men like me driving C3s!

  6. @Dan: I’m with you Dan and “defiantly” in the same demographic as Jeff! Yet, I still have my L79 ‘66 C2 Coupe purchased new while in college, my 2014 M7 C7 and a pending order for a C8.

  7. This one post says a lot about the Corvette.
    Three old guys who all fell in love with a car in their youth.
    And we all went on to own at least one for our entire adult lives.
    How cool is that….!

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