2020 Corvette Convertibles to Start Production the Week of August 3rd


2020 Corvette Convertibles to Start Production the Week of August 3rd

If all goes well in the next few weeks, we should see the first customer-ordered 2020 Corvette Convertibles starting down the production line at the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green.

This week we have heard from more than a couple of Hard Top Convertible (HTC) customers who told us they have received their Target Production Week (TPW) notifications. So far, we have heard of customer TPWs for Convertibles for the weeks of August 3rd and August 10th.

Like the 2020 Corvette Coupes, the Convertibles have seen multiple dates come and go as the start of production has been somewhat of a moving target since the plant reopened at the end of May. But with the ever-increasing daily production quantities and the expected start of the second shift in July, it appears that we are very much closing in on the actual start for the drop-top Corvette. But like everything in 2020, production dates are still subject to change so keep that in mind.

During the virtual NCM Corvette Bash held at the end of May, Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles shared a few of the stats regarding the 2020 Corvette Convertibles based on orders currently awaiting production. According to Harlan, Convertible orders account for 17% of the 20,181 Corvettes in the order bank which means that around 3,430 HTCs will be produced for the inaugural year.

In addition, the Convertibles that are on order are more likely to be loaded with 56% containing the 3LT Equipment Package while 36% will be 2LT. Only 8% of buyers are ordering the Corvette HTC with the base 1LT package. Another interesting stat with the Convertible orders is that most are going with 58% of buyers selecting the default color combo of the roof and nacelles in body color. Only 32% selected the D84 option with the roof and nacelles painted Carbon Flash, and only 10% are opting for the D86 option of having Carbon Flash nacelles only.

The Assembly Plant has been building pre-production Convertibles for GM’s Captured Test Fleet and many of the current Corvette Team members are driving them now. We last spied a CTF-badged C8 Convertible on public streets back at the end of April in Michigan.

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  1. Surprised that GM thinks the nacelles two tone doesn’t sell as well as they thought.
    No wonder.
    The two tone effect looks eh!? especially at the extra cost.
    I think the standard monotone would have sold at extra cost.

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