Chevrolet Issues New Dates on 2020 C8 Convertibles and Start of 2021 Model Year Production


Chevrolet Issues New Dates on 2020 C8 Convertibles and Start of 2021 Model Year Production

It was just two weeks ago that Chevrolet issued a memo to its Corvette dealers outlining the new dates for the start of 2020 Convertibles for July 20th and the push back of 2021 SORP (Start of Regular Production) to November 3rd. Since that announcement, the Corvette Assembly Plant has restarted 2020 production. While the production line is moving slower than normal right now, frankly, we are just happy that it’s moving at all.

On Thursday, a new memo was sent out to dealers showing a pushback of dates for the start of 2020 Convertible production as well as the start of the 2021 model year. Those new dates are now listed at August 20th for the Convertible start-up and November 23rd for start of 2021s:

2020 Production Update - June 5, 2020

This is where things start to get weird. After some Chevy dealers posted these new dates to Facebook and the Forums to update their customers and the market, we heard through second-hand sources there was pushback on these dates from some of those within the Corvette Team as being incorrect. To which we say, if they were incorrect, then why were they sent to dealers in the first place?

On Friday morning I reached out to a member of the Chevrolet PR team about the graphic and was given the following response:

The dates that you have in the attached are the latest we advised to our sales organization. Those dates can change as the Bowling Green plant is still ramping up from the COVID-19 shutdown.

It’s a given that production details of America’s favorite sports car are subject to change based on supply lines and other factors as manufacturing attempts to recover from the Coronavirus shutdowns, and we have no issues with the new dates if that is what they are. But in this case, it appears that “one hand isn’t talking to the other” at GM and that’s bad news for Corvette buyers when dealers are unable to issue guidance to their customers based on information supplied by the company.

The flip side to the story though is that Chevrolet doesn’t exactly know the production rate for the rest of the year or when individual order projected build dates will happen until it the assembly line is back to speed. Within the dealer memo, it says these remaining production questions will be answered in mid-to-late June.

As the Tom Petty song goes, the waiting is the hardest part. For you 2020 Corvette buyers with a status of 3000, you Corvette will most likely be built for the model year. When it will be built is another story.


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  1. I am highly disappointed in the change in production date for the convertible. I put a deposit down in Dec 2019. I was called March 12 and told I had a couple of hours to complete my order but museum delivery was not available. I was at the museum for the first 2020 delivery and had the opportunity to talk to Kai (corvette plant manager) This experience was something I was really looking forward to. I ask the dealer if I waited would it be possible the museum delivery would be available? I decided to wait. I called the next day to place my order. Too late! I was informed production would start July 13 then July 20 and now Aug. Now I am told I cannot get a 2020. The last production forecast I saw showed how many could be manufactured at one shift 8 hours a day 5 days a week. I am a retired UAW worker that worked 7 days a week for years. Now I am told I will have to resubmit my order for a 2021.

  2. While it is recognized that the situation is fluid as has been repeatedly remarked, GM corporate themselves are not sure what is best for their bottom line nor are they sure of where they want to go. Some one within management seems to be more focuses on, “saving face,” or some sort of power grab or exercise of power, rather than what is really good for the company’s bottom line and future. GM should stick to its July date for convertible production, come hell or high water. Constantly pushing the convertible production back is very bad for the corporate image and does not help in any way with how customers are going to view the Convertible. This adds another element to the acceptance of the convertible which currently tenuous at best. Lastly, it is clearly in the best interest of the company to move ahead with its 2021’s, rather than this constant change and pushing the date backwards. If you want to lead from the front, you can’t keep pushing yourself to the rear of the automotive industry. This is short sighted. Goals must be readjusted, particularly when a “pandemic,” becomes a forced part of the equation. Thus far, GM has been showing short-sighted and simple solutions to complex problems that while on the surface appear to be longer-range oriented, are simply face-saving and simple solutions that have their own down side to long-range profitability. AF

  3. Beyond disappointing. Brought six new Corvettes since 1966 and ordered a C8 in October 2019. Now I won’t get my C8 convertible till October 2020 a month before the 2021 are released. That not right. What is GM thinking? The demand is distorting GM thinking. They are inconsiderate for there loyal buyers.

  4. what a CLUSTER PHUCK GM has created………….I am in 3000 status purgatory hell

  5. Put money on a convertable 25 February would you have a rough idea when I could get it

  6. I sold my C7 when I ordered my C8 convertible. I am now without any corvette, and I am tired of getting pushed back, because they want to make more coups. I am in the first of those who got in the first order sequence. I cannot understand why my order keeps getting pushed back, since I ordered it in the first phase. GM needs to honor there first orders.

    Armand Gagnon

  7. Armand, I agree with you 100%. I am on my six Corvette purchased all new since 1966 and have a C8 convertible on order since mid October. In all the years I’ve been buying Corvettes I’ve never got jerked around by general motors as bad as I’m getting jerked around now. Yes I understand the strike and the virus but General Motors is just compounding misery for us guys waiting for a new C8. GM should start production of the C8 convertible immediately. Phil

  8. When people like phil in Houston ordered in October, unless he optioned something that put him with a GM code that pushed him back in line, he should have his car by now. Mike Davenport discussed some of the details of how that works and explained how he optioned his car to retain his place in line. Phil underscored my suggestion that the stick with the July 21 date on the Convertible, no matter what. The psychological trauma of not getting those convertibles out is a bit difficult to measure in terms of what it does to a model of the mark. Remember thought the Jay Leno/Tadge Juechter video on the convertible released quite a while ago. Chief Engineers would do well to point this out to the people making the, “command decisions,” about dates and directions. Good will capitol can be hard to come by. Just ask McLaren. AF

  9. Alex I received my 3000 code in January for my L2 C8 convertible. Hope GM reinstates the July 20th. Production date.

  10. I ordered mine on 7/23/2019 and I was told in December I was at 3100 and it hasn’t move. a lot of people ordered there cars after mine and they got there’s, should be first come first served.

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