[PICS] This C8 Corvette Isn’t the First to Have Ferrari Badge Envy


[PICS] This C8 Corvette isn't the First to have Ferrari Badge Envy

Photo Credit: Corvette Forum

Kudos to the C8 Corvette owner who decided to have some fun by rebadging his 2020 Corvette Stingray and adding the famous prancing horse badge from Ferrari. I know some of you may be thinking that it’s sacrilegious to do so, but trolling exotic car owners is a God-given American right! So lighten up, Francis and let’s have a laugh…

We first saw the image of the mid-engine Corvette over on the Corvette Forum by “Mr Triple Black” with the thread titled “I though Ferrari made F8’s, not C8’s” and it shows this Torch Red Corvette Stingray with the Yellow Ferrari badges on the front fascia and quarter panels. As you can imagine, the thread quickly goes downhill from there…

But others have also done the “Ferrari” badge mod with one user adorning the prancing horse on a Torch Red C7 Stingray. That owner went all out with matching center caps for his wheels as well:

C7 Corvette Stingray with Ferrari Badges

Photo Credit: reddit.com

If you know your Le Mans history, you know that once upon a time, a rebuilt 1968 Corvette racer that “pretended” to be a Ferrari at the 1972 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The story is that that Goodyear had been backing Bob Johnson and Dave Heinz with their Race Engineering and Development Team (RED) L88 Corvette racer when they received an invite to the 1972 Le Mans. The problem was their race car had been rebuilt after so many incidents that it wouldn’t pass GT inspection and after rebuilding a 1968 Corvette into an L88-powered race car as its replacement, it too was rejected as it wasn’t the original car that received the invitation.

Goodyear turned to the Luigi Chinetti’s North American Racing Team (NART) which was closely affiliated with Ferrari’s racing program. Chinetti had an opening for a reserve car and as Goodyear was NART’s tire provider, the now Ferrari-badged Corvette got its ticket punched to Le Mans. Unfortunately, the car would crash at 100-mph during practice and its nose was rebuilt with wood and duct tape. Wounded and never able to run at its full potential, the No.4 NART Corvette was still able to complete the full 24-hour race and would finish fifteenth overall and seventh in class.

NART No.4 Corvette

Photo Credit: Ed Baumgarten / MY Garage Museum

Badge envy does go the other way sometimes, but it’s mostly crappy cars aspiring to be a Corvette. Yet we do remember the story of an Aston Martin that was spied with a Corvette windshield banner. However, the back story is that the car belonged to the manager of the Aston Martin Racing Team and the Corvette Racing pit crew decided to do a late-night Corvette make-over on his car:

Aston Martin with Corvette Windshield Banner

Corvette Forum and Motor 1

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  1. An awesome way to save $300K and on your insurance premiums. Besides, 50% of the population doesn’t know any better and the other 48% could care less… Now put a Ford emblem on a Chevrolet truck or vice versa and that’s just asking for 100% big trouble!!!! LoL!!! 🤣

  2. The RED/NART Corvette did not do so well at LeMans but went on to win its class in the 1973 Daytona 24 Hours, coming third overall. Pretty good for a car that was pulled out of a junkyard!

  3. I get a kick out of seeing people have fun with their rides. I recall a friend who swapped out his Honda badges for BMW. I’d love to see a Ferrari with Volvo badges. Cheers all!!

  4. Chuck,
    That reminds me of a old joke where this guy was having a lot of success with the ladies and the potato trick. His dunce buddy asked what he secret was and thought he would try it later that night. He returned later that night all disappointed. The 1st guy told him “you are suppose to put the potato in the front of your pants”.

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