[SPIED] Two C8 Corvette Z06 Prototypes Were Caught with a Ferrari Merging onto I5 in Valencia


[SPIED] Those Three C8 Corvette Z06 Prototypes Were Caught Merging onto I5 in Valencia

On Friday evening we caught sight of three C8 Corvette Z06 prototypes in Valencia California and we were happy to see the engineering team benchmarking the Corvette prototypes against a Porsche GT2 RS. The photo showed the three Corvettes and the Porsche pulling into what looked to be a parking lot.

Now we have another confirmed sighting of the camouflaged C8 Corvette prototypes but instead of the Porsche GT2 RS, we have two C8 Corvette Z06s following a Ferrari as they merge onto a Califonia highway.

The video is a little over 30 seconds long and shows the Ferrari in the lead with two heavily-cladded Z06 prototypes merging onto Interstate 5 Northbound with the driver of the car telling us they are in Valencia, California.

[SPIED] Two C8 Corvette Z06 Prototypes Were Caught with a Ferrari Merging onto I5 in Valencia

We can see the funky wheel covers that are hiding the prototypes brakes rotors and calipers, which has been one of the key clues in determining the performance level of the car. But with the platter-style wheel cover now covering up those internals, we have to believe that something special is happening there for them to go to the trouble of hiding them. These prototypes are all running without a rear wing/spoiler as we saw earlier as well.

We catch a glimpse of the rear taillights as the cars are merging and we are speculating that the Z06s lenses will be clear when not-activated like they were on the C7, while the Stingray’s remain Red at all times…

From Corvette World via YouTube:

As far as that Ferrari goes, very hard to see exactly what model it is, but our guess would be the Ferrari 488 that is offered both as a coupe and a retractable hardtop spyder. The GTB convertible model starts at $260,000 and offers 660 hp from its 3.9L V8 engine. (Update: I’ve been schooled on my Ferrari spotting and have been told this is actually the older 458 Italia model.)


[SPIED] C8 Corvette Z06 Prototypes Testing Alongside a Porsche GT2 RS in California
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  1. Any confirmation the Ferrari was part of this test drive? Could have just been coincidence it was there, especially considering how it took off when given the opening in traffic, which is not something we’d expect from the engineering group, especially considering the recent “racing” incident. There are a comparatively large number of Ferraris in that area normally, after all.

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