[VIDEO] Modified C5 Corvette Z06 Hits 172 MPH in Half Mile Test


[VIDEO] Modified C5 Corvette Z06 Hits 172 MPH in Half Mile Test

The Silver C5 Corvette you see standing here in front of the Space Shuttle Inspiration at the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds is no ordinary Z06 as you will soon see. This 3,050-lb missile is powered by a twin-turbo 6.2 liter v8 that makes 900 RWHP and 850 lb-ft of torque and it was out at the Space Shuttle’s former landing strip at the Kennedy Space Center for a Half-Mile top speed run.

After the start-up and obligatory revs, the Z06 lines up on the starting line and then drops the hammer with the 900-rwhp Z06 struggling for grip. Once the video moves to the in-cockpit view with the car’s telemetry displayed, watch how fast this car accelerates between shifts. The half-mile mark comes up too quickly with the C5 Z06 still having much more to give as it backs off.

Let’s hope we see a follow up where the C5 Z06 can utilize the full 3mile long runway in a top speed run.

From the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds via YouTube:

Testing prototype parts on a highly modified, 2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06.


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  1. Could a car like this run at Bonneville and how do you think it would do ? 171 in a half mile is absolutely amazing, Good work & congratulations, I’m sure it wasn’t easy getting there.

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