[VIDEO] A 2014 Corvette Claims Title of ‘World’s Fastest C7’ at the Colorado Mile


[VIDEO] A 2014 Corvette Claims Title of

The title of fastest C7 Corvette ever – at least for a few minutes – goes to the TES Performance 2014 Corvette.

That was the conclusion after this special Corvette’s performance at the Colorado Mile event Sept. 8-10, where it captured the “Fastest Corvette” titles in the half-mile at 193.4 mph and the full-mile at 234.8 mph as well as resetting the C7 Corvette records in those two categories.

Check out this five-minute video that shows several angles of the record-setting run, but our favorite is the view from behind as the starting line quickly fades into the distance and the twin parachutes shoot out to slow down this monster of a Corvette.

In fact, the experience was so thrilling that afterward it left the driver shouting out a few expletives and lamenting that his legs don’t work and he jokes that he can’t get out of the car, his hands still shaking.

[VIDEO] A 2014 Corvette Claims Title of 'World's Fastest C7' at the Colorado Mile

He notes that the Corvette “was all over the track” and credits the cold tires as a potential cause. Still, he says the car can do even better in the quarter-mile and he’s willing to give it a try, perhaps at one of the two remaining mile-long events hosted this year by The U.S. Mile company in Arkansas and Texas.

The powerplant behind this record-setting performance is a built 416 cubic inch stroker featuring forged Wiseco pistons, Callies crank and rods, a set of factory LT4 heads, and a custom ground crankshaft, not to mention twin Precision 6266 turbos and a Nitrous Outlet direct port nitrous system.

[VIDEO] A 2014 Corvette Claims Title of 'World's Fastest C7' at the Colorado Mile

Circle D Specialties provided the 6L80E automatic transmission and torque converter, and a set of LG Motorsports coilovers helped keep the Corvette on the ground.

TES Performance, a Texas-based speed shop, says the record tops all currently publicly posted and available records.

Unfortunately, the Corvette wasn’t the fastest vehicle in the competition, with a turbo 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 motorcycle reaching a whopping 248.0 mph!


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