Quick Update on the Resumption of 2020 Corvette Production


Quick Update on the Resumption of the 2020 Corvette Production

It’s been approximately two and a half weeks since the Corvette Assembly Plant has restarted production of the 2020 Corvette Stingray so I wanted to provide a quick update on what we know at this point.

The Corvette Assembly Plant restarted production on Tuesday, May 26th, and on that first day back, a total of 15 Corvettes were completed. Over the course of the last two weeks, daily production has steadily ramped up with the plant completing 76 new Corvettes on Thursday, June 11th. We are estimating that since resuming production the assembly plant has built around 700 new Corvettes.

These Corvettes are under a quality control hold just as they were when the plant first started 2020 production, but we expect that the shipping of these Corvettes will happen relatively soon. Keep checking back as we’ll keep you updated on that front.

For those you waiting for more news about your 2020 Corvettes, new TPW (Target Production Weeks) have started going out with owners confirming mid-July dates. We’ve been keeping our eye on the Kerbeck Order Update Page and are now starting to see orders with a 7/13/2020 TPW. So far those are all for the Stingray Coupes with the Convertibles still waiting for their starting dates.

So that’s where we stand since the 2020 Corvettes have resumed. I think the next couple of weeks will provide critical data for the Corvette Team to know how they are doing moving forward into Summer and the start of the second shift on July 6th.

For those of you with orders, we know that that the wait is driving some of you nuts, so hang in there because each day that passes is one day you are closer to driving your new Corvette.

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  1. Thanks allot for the for the production update. It is good to have hope but would rather have the C8 I’ve been waiting on since last August!

  2. A new Wrinkle to information previously released: I cam home to my garage a couple of days ago and parked my C8. I was dark and I could not see that my key had wound up being wedged in between the upholstery of the back and seating surfaces of my C8. I in the meantime looked for the key everywhere but could not locate it. This included a search of the tight area of the pilot’s compartment. For some reason I didn’t spot the key. The car then locked on its own. Today, two days later, I attempted to start the Corvette with the second key. That is when I proceeded to receive a number of error messages. One of them stated that the Corvette did not recognize the key (strange I thought since this was key #1 of the Corvette. In my Corvette, the, “chrome key,” is the No. 2 key). I contacted GM Roadside assistance and worked with their representative to try to get the car started for about a half an hour. Having started to work with him on a number of solutions to get the car going, was a bit tedious. However, as I opened the driver’s to attempt the next solution, I saw a small piece of chrome of the edge of the key gleaming and reached down and pulled the mostly concealed key from between the seat and the seat back. The tech immediately suggested putting the No. 1 key away and to use the key that had been hidden in the car, instead. The car immediately started with that procedure, using the dash starter button. Apparently, if one leaves the key in the car longer than 10-15 mnutes, the car locks up. Then over time if the key stays in the car, the car starts preparing itself as if it were being stolen. (If a person left their key in the car and left and someone broke into the car and did not locate the key, any attempt to start the car would fail, even with a secondary key carried by the owner. That is all good. However, if a would-be thiief finds the key left in the car, it appears that then, the car can be started. Moral of the story. Do not leave the key in the car and keep track of both keys, meticulously. AF

  3. I’ve been waiting since last March. Still won’t give me a TPW though I heard it’s the week of July 20. Went through a supposed top 10 dealer and still waiting.
    There are 100 for sale online though.

  4. Has anyone heard anything about GM issuing “guidance” to dealers re how to handle MY2020/2021 conversions (1100 Status), allocations, etc.? Supposedly this was going to happen about 2 weeks after the reopening.

  5. Everyone that was 3000 to 3300 before March 18 got sent back to 3000. For production adjustments. Which probably means more Youtubers will keep getting theirs. 🤪
    I was at 3100 in February.

  6. DrZ here, took NCM delivery at bowling green March 17… Not only St Pattys day, but day before virus shutdown. We haveMatrixGrey 3LT w morello red guts, vin 422. 100% pleased withthebest car I’ve ever owned….. This is +/- the21st vette iveowned, been driving them since high school, ordered in June of 2019, NCMdelivery worth every penny. iMHO this car is well worth the wait, easiersaidif your still waiting, been through5 Ferraris,Pantera, our other ME driver is. 93NSX…. Hang in there and watch the TPW if your lucky to be above 3000. This car is a ROCK STAR! An Arkansas state trooper teased me to a street race in his Hemi, was kinda fun but I let him catchup lol….Z

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