The Corvette Assembly Plant Quietly Returns to the Business of Building 2020 Corvettes


The Corvette Assembly Plant Quietly Returns to the Business of Building 2020 Corvettes

Workers returned to the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green yesterday for the first time since the plant closed down on March 20th due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Initially billed as a two-week shutdown, the closure of the Bowling Green Assembly Plant lasted over two months.

There was little fanfare with the return as General Motors has been taking precautions in keeping workers safe through active monitoring and mandatory wearing of masks and safety goggles. So far, GM has been successful as its facilities have reopened around the world without incident.

The Corvette assembly line will be moving slower than usual this week as plant workers get back up to speed with their assignments while working within the safety protocols that have been stressed. As for greater social distancing between co-workers, UAW Local 2164 President Jack Bowers says it’s impossible in a production setting. “I’m worried about the safety of our workers, but we do have to produce a product,” Bowers said in an interview with WKYU-FM, and he adds “There are two sides to every story.”

The plant will be ramping up production with around 550 first shift workers building the 2020 Corvettes and the second shift is expected to come online in early July. Those first shift workers who returned yesterday were based on seniority. When the plant returns to full production capacity, it will have 1,200 employees back to work.

There were some 230 or so current builds that were left unfinished when the plant closed in March. All the unfinished Corvettes on the line were wrapped up tight in plastic sheeting as they waited for production to restart. Based on what we are hearing about production quantities ramping up, we are speculating that it could take a couple weeks before we see those finished and new builds starting.

UAW Local 2614 Shop Chairman Jason Watson believes they are in a good place to weather the economic downturn from the COVID-19 shutdowns:

“I believe this next model year is going to be just as busy, if not busier, because quite honestly, there may be numerous customers who can’t get a 2020 because of availability,” Watson told WKU Public Radio. “I think we have a bright future at Bowling Green.”


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  1. My TPW was March 16th and my status event code has been 3400 since March so my C8 is one of the 230 current builds that have been sitting there all this time. I hope they can get her built and shipped out to California vey soon!!

  2. I’ve been in 1100 status since January! Probably will not get mine built. I’ll probably have to settle for a 2021. It’s in the best interest of GM to honor the 2020 allocations and the price, which was a signed bonded contract between the
    seller(dealerships) and purchasers(consumers). Meaning, if you had a signed peace of paper from dealerships with the price for the 2020, if you get moved to a 2021 year GM should adhere to the original price of the contract by law!

  3. That is an interesting question Michael. GM was supposedly losing money on every 2020 C8 sold for less than $80k so it is given they will raise prices on the 2021. They certainly should honor the price for anyone who ordered a 2020 but was unable to get one.

  4. Losing 💰 highly doubt that .
    According to the “fabulous “ Concierge any allocations that were at 3100-3300 have been pushed back to a 3000 status and they are going to readjust the order of allocations. (?)
    It took a year and 1 week for my order to finally reach 3100 with a top 10 dealer and now tumbling backward.
    Let’s just cancel the rest of this year in general and do a reboot.
    Real “honest” answers always are better.

  5. OK GM and BG the 1100 club needs a response on the options all controlled you.
    Let us know our status so we can make decisions.

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