[PICS] C8 Corvette Owner Finds Quality Control Checklist in Glovebox


[PICS] C8 Corvette Owner Finds Quality Control Checklist in Glovebox

This pre-production 2020 Corvette offers an insight into the types of quality control checks that workers at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant are examining.

The owner of the car, Brandon Martin, posted on Facebook about the QC sheets he found in the glovebox of his Stingray, according to a story on AutoEvolution.comautoevolution.com.

We weren’t able to find out how Martin feels overall about his new Stingray but we did see the three pages of items apparently to be checked at the factory that he uncovered.

[PICS] C8 Corvette Owner Finds Quality Control Checklist in Glovebox

The first seven items on the list for Martin’s car were signed off as having “No Defect,” but sound like they belong in a horror movie, including Mutilations – IP Top Pad, Mutilations – Cluster Bezel, Mutilations – Steering Column Lower Trim, Mutilations – Cluster Hood, Steering Column Clam Shell Upper & Lower – Fully Seated, Steering Column Shroud – Fully Seated and Properly Tucked Under Cluster, and Turn Signal Stalk Not Seated on Steering Columns.

The remaining 33 items on the pages weren’t marked one way or another, so we don’t know exactly what that means. Those items included things like:

  • Door Weatherseals – Birds Beak Retainers Visible
  • Emergency Release Handle Not Routed Through Carpet
  • Seatback Garnish to Quarter Garnish Flushness – Seatback Not Fully Seated
  • Halo Garnish to Quarter Garnish Flushness – Halo Not Fully Seated
  • Upper to Lower B-Pilar Garnish (Flush/Offset)
  • Rear Tub Carpet (Not Layered Correctly/Gaps)
  • Side Airbag Cover Not Fully Seated/Not Fully Seated
  • Lower B-Pilar Garnish Trim Mutilations
  • Check Line Gromet Not Seated/Puckered
  • A-Pilar Lower Weatherseal Out of Position – F/R Tree Retainer Not Installed (Bent Over)
  • B-Pilar Lower Weatherseal Out of Position – Seal Not Tucked Correctly
  • Rear Mudflap Gap to Fascia
  • Mutilations in Coves of Door Ring
  • B-Pilar Duck-Bill Rolled Under Side Rail Seal
  • B-Pilar Weatherseal Not Tucked Under B-Pilar Applique
  • Mirror Boot Seal Rolled Under Glass
  • Mutilations on Door Belt Moldings
  • Seatbelt Pretensioner Cover Mis-Installed or Shy
  • Hood Bumpers Shy
  • End Caps Misinstalled – Gap to IP
  • Sunvisor Bezels Not Fully Seated (Or Shy)
  • Lower Corner of Door Pad Not Fully Seated
  • Front Wheelhouse Liner Drooping
  • Speaker Wing Alignment
  • Emblem Side to Side Alignment
  • Rear Tow Hook Door Not Seated
  • Front Tow Hook Door Not Seated
  • Quarter Panel Catwall Cracks
  • Shipping Cap Left on Engine
  • Wire Harness Missing Push Pin Clip
  • Engine Harness Channel Not Seated
  • Lower CRFM Hose Rolled Underneath Hose Clamp

Based on the scrutiny the cars are supposed to receive from Quality Control, we’re surprised some of the cars left the factory in the condition they did, with misaligned stitching on the instrument panel, for example, or the paint chips in the edge of the door caused by a screw being too long.

When you think about the thousands of parts that go into making a car like the Corvette, it’s amazing how well it all comes together in the end. Let’s hope this QC checklist leads to the kind of quality we’re all hoping to see from the new mid-engine Stingrays.

[PICS] C8 Corvette Owner Finds Quality Control Checklist in Glovebox

[PICS] C8 Corvette Owner Finds Quality Control Checklist in Glovebox

[PICS] C8 Corvette Owner Finds Quality Control Checklist in Glovebox

[PICS] C8 Corvette Owner Finds Quality Control Checklist in Glovebox


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  1. I’m a little confused here. How does this guy owned a pre-production model C8? My understanding is that pre-production models are never offered for sale to the public, of any car type. Is he a journalist and this is a pre-production press car that was lent to him for a story, perhaps?

  2. Matt Kase – allow me to 2nd the motion. Pre-production is mentioned along with the docs in the glove box. Let me add: the curiosity regarding the C8 appears to know no limitations or bounds. Fans of the C8 want to know everything about it. A. Ford

  3. I agree – it seems like the defect in his C8 is that this document was left in the car!

  4. This would be a CTF or Captured Test Fleet car. GM built a lot of them for testing purposes but some were not needed. These were offered to dealers, no doubt to the bigger ones first, for sale to the public. The sequence number part of the VIN starts with 50xxxxx while normal production C8’s start with 51xxxxx.

    More info about the CTF cars can be found about halfway down this page on this site:

    Hope this helps!

  5. @Klinn I’m familiar with captured test fleet cars, but those are typically not pre-production, as that term is understood in the industry. True pre-production vehicles are never even issued titleable VINs and are usually destroyed by the manufacturer after they’ve served their purpose. I think this may be a case of the author using a term that doesn’t quite mean what he thinks it means.

  6. Good point Matt. I tend to use the term “pre-production” a bit more loosely to encompass everything before the start of regular production, but I don’t have as much experience with the industry as you do.


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