[ACCIDENT] C8 Corvette Falls Off the Lift at a Chevy Dealership


[ACCIDENT] C8 Corvette Falls Off the Lift at a Chevy Dealership

It was just about a month ago that CorvetteBlogger contributor Jeremy Welborn offered up this video on the proper jack and lift points for the 2020 Corvette after witnessing a video showing the C8 Corvette that was lifted in the wrong place. Because the weight distribution is now 40/60 with the engine behind the driver, you have to have the jack or lift mounted to the chassis locations properly or the unthinkable could happen as the lift is raised.

Unfortuately, this happened late last week as the owner of a new 2020 Corvette Stingray whose claims that techs at a Chevrolet dealership in Jacksonville improperly lifted his car which resulted in the car falling off the lift and landing hard on the shop floor. The impact caused body damage to the car and broke out the windows.

[ACCIDENT] C8 Corvette Falls Off the Lift at a Chevy Dealership

To add insult to injury and unbeknownst to the owner, photos of the wrecked Corvette were shared to Instagram leading the owner to post “That’s my [email protected]#%ing car, how the hell did this get on Instagram?” asks Jake Miller, the owner of the Torch Red Stingray. He added that it’s “not a broken lift; [email protected] techs that put it on the lift improperly” is what caused the Corvette to fall off the lift.

In Jeremy’s video from March, he also shares this photo from the reveal of the 2020 Corvette that shows the proper jacking locations. It appears that some are confused by the punchouts on the frame rail where our graphic is marked “Do not lift here”:

Jacking locations on a 2020 Corvette

Here is the actual page from the 2020 Corvette Stingray’s Owner’s Manual about utilizing the proper locations for lifting your car:

2020 Corvette Stingray's Owner's Manual

We’re feeling pretty bad for Jake and hope that the Chevrolet dealer takes really good care of him. Unfortunately, dealers just don’t have replacement C8 Corvettes on the lot and so while an insurance settlement is most likely in his future, we hope that the dealer will try to make him whole again with an allocation as soon as possible.


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  1. Directions?
    We don’t need no stinking directions. We’ve done this hunnerts of times before.

  2. One of my local Chevrolet dealer’s service department once accidentally dropped a customer’s Corvette onto the front end of another customer’s Corvette.

  3. A supervisor working for the Los Angeles County Probation Department drug enforcement unit in the early 1970’s had her Rolls Royce fall from a completely raised lift during an oil change. The car was actually repaired.

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