[AUDIO] Adam Boca Talks Collector Car Insurance and More on the Corvette Today Podcast


[AUDIO] Corvette and Collector Car Insurance with Adam Boca on the Corvette Today Podcast

Photo Credit: Adam Boca

Once of the smartest things I ever did with my 1966 Corvette was to move my insurance policy from State Farm to the NCM Insurance Agency as it’s better insurance at a better price. Best of all, it’s an agreed value policy. Ten years ago Adam Boca was tasked with starting the Corvette Museum’s in-house collector car insurance agency and under his care, it has grown to have multiple agents as well as their own cool offices inside the NCM.

Those that know Adam are quick to call him a friend and he has some great stories from working during the early days of the NCM. He’s also the first guy to go running to help fellow car enthusiasts, something I’ve witnessed first hand. Adam is this week’s featured guest on the CORVETTE TODAY Podcast with host Steve Garrett and this should be a lively conversation.

Check out the podcast below and then get a free quote here!

This week, it’s Adam Boca of the NCM Insurance Agency on the CORVETTE TODAY Podcast:

OK, you bought your Corvette dream car-now you have to insure it. But don’t go to a traditional “big box” insurance company. Insure your Corvette (or exotic car) through the National Corvette Museum!

Steve Garrett talks with Adam Boca, the National Corvette Museum supervisor for insurance. Adam explains the advantages of insuring your exotic or Corvette through the NCM…which includes setting a predetermined value for your car, in case of a disaster. All this for the same cost as a “big box” insurance company.

It’s an eye-opening episode of CORVETTE TODAY!

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