[VIDEO] The C8 Corvette’s Innovative Hatch Allows a Surprising Amount of Water Inside the Engine Compartment


[VIDEO] The C8 Corvette's Innovative Hatch Allows a Surprising Amount of Water Inside the Engine Compartment

Way back in December 2018 we covered a new GM patent that detailed the 2020 Corvette’s rear hatch assembly which “improved radiative and convective cooling for the engine bay.” We marveled over the factoids in the patent application which showed the venting glass modules provide between 200-250% more venting than other traditional designs while also reducing the design complexity and overall mass of the rear hatch.

We’ve also previously seen that the same rear vents that help keep the 2020 Corvettes so cool also lets water to enter the engine compartment during rain or regular car washing. GM says that the design allows the water to drain off the various components, but you might have a different impression of the Coupe when you see exactly how much water enters the compartment!

[VIDEO] The C8 Corvette's Innovative Hatch Allows a Surprising Amount of Water Inside the Engine Compartment

This latest find comes from our friend Morgan Corsbie, a salesperson at Finch Chevrolet in London, Ontario and the owner of a new Ceramic Gray 2020 Corvette. Morgan takes the car to a do-it-yourself car wash and sprays down the rear hatch with the wand to simulate the car in the rain and to quote him, “I don’t know how I feel about this whole experience…”

From Morgan Crosbie via YouTube:

Today I will be trying to see how many items I can store in the C8 that I would have been able to fit in my C7. I wanted to show off the utility of this mid-engine sports car and I hope you all enjoy. IMPORTANT findings while I washed the Corvette.

In the same video, Morgan also shows off the storage capacity of the 2020 Corvette Stingray as the YouTube preview shows.


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  1. The vents in the back hatch can handle gravity and wind blown water. If your going to wash your car with a fire hose lay a rubber mat over the vents and glass and there won’t be any water going in the engine compartment at wash time but high pressure might take the paint off!

  2. If you feel a need to have the engine bay concourse ready at all times use compressed air or an electric blower to blow off the water, and touch up with a rag. Easy, Peasy.

  3. Soooooooo………..is there any expectation that the water that entering the engine compartment will cause any longetrm degradation in that area?

  4. I went to three C8 reveals at dealerships. At all three the Corvette reps said not to take the C8 through any car washes because of the rear vents.

  5. If you stow the roof panel in the rear, does it leave any room for anything else? It seems the roof panel stowed would remove the ability for storage.

  6. The C8 design flaws are now becoming apparent in spite of all the launch hoopla. First no manual, then car lift caution due to the 60/40 weight distribution. Now water in the engine compartment in rain or car washes. What’s next, dangerous oversteer due to rear weight bias? I’ll keep my 50/50 M7 C7 Z51 thank you!

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