[VIDEO] First 2020 Corvettes Land in Canada!


[VIDEO] First 2020 Corvettes Land in Canada!

Morgan Crosbie from Finch Chevrolet in London, Ontario took delivery of the first 2020 Corvettes to touch down in Canada and he captured the event with multiple videos posted to YouTube!

It turns out that one of the shipments that left the Corvette Assembly Plant in the dark of night on Wednesday, March 4th had Corvettes going to Canada. This is obviously welcome news as there hasn’t been much word on when exactly Canadian dealers would start to receive the new 2020s. Morgan tells us that two of the Corvettes, VIN 141 and 151 were on that Jack Cooper transporter and he was notified by GM that he’ll have three more allocations available.

Morgan explains the routes that Corvettes take to reach his dealership. He says they are fortunate as they are only 10 hours away from Bowling Green and so most shipments make it up there pretty quick. He also talks about an unveiling event that may be happening soon at the dealership once they have the cars invoiced and the accessories are installed, so stay tuned for that!

In addition to the conversation about the new Corvettes, Morgan shares these 2020 Corvette guides from GM:

From Morgan Crosbie via YouTube:

I am happy to report the Eagle has landed in Canada. I apologize for the shoddy camera work at the end, stay tuned for more.

Morgan Crosbie

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