[VIDEO] YouTuber Takes Museum Delivery of His 2020 Corvette with High Wing


[VIDEO] YouTuber Takes Museum Delivery of his 2020 Corvette with High Wing

Photo Credit: Clarence Garner

We’ve known Clarence Garner going back a few years to Corvettes at Carlisle and he always brings his youthful enthusiasm and passion to the Corvette videos found on his YouTube channel. Many of his videos feature his C7 Corvette Grand Sport with Lambo-style doors and a custom wrapped, and now that the C8 Corvette is out you can guess what’s about to happen next. This week the YouTuber took delivery of his new 2020 Corvette Stingray at the National Corvette Museum and of course, it’s all documented in a video!

We think Clarence made the right call with his 2020 Corvette as it looks fantastic in Torch Red with the Black exterior trim and grill providing the contrast. His Stingray features the optional High Wing in Carbon Flash, as well as Silver 5-spoke wheels with Edge Yellow Calipers while inside the car shows off the Natural leather interior.


Clarence and his friend, fellow Corvette vlogger Mike Brink of Brink of Speed do a great job of documenting the R8C delivery process, especially the part where the owner is taken through all the different controls, menus, and customizations available. It’s longer than many of the videos you are used to but totally worth the watch as the amount of info presented here is immense.

We’ve stated how much fun it would be to take delivery of the new Corvette at the NCM, and these videos from Clarence, Jeremy Welborn, and others will show why it has proven to be a hot option!

From CGarnerSpeed252 via YouTube

1st YOUTUBER to take MUSEUM DELIVERY on a HIGH WING C8 Corvette! *Mid Engine Corvette*General Motors is the company that oversees the Chevrolet Brand and the all-new C8 Corvette. Chevy C8 Corvette will be a Corvette we all love. Most people are super excited to have this new C8 Corvette on their tv screen. 1st YOUTUBER to take MUSEUM DELIVERY on a HIGH WING C8 Corvette! *Mid Engine Corvette*


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  1. Clarence where did the sales person say the rain water goes to in the back over the engine bay on the outside, you can email the answer to me. [email protected] my name is William Eason, Jr.

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