[PICS] Dress to Impress with the Corvette Museum’s R8C Delivery Apparel


[PICS] Dress to Impress with the Corvette Museum's R8C Delivery Apparel

It was just last week that I had the incredible pleasure of taking R8C National Corvette Museum Delivery of my 2020 Corvette. R8C is the RPO code that is used to order delivery of your new Corvette at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The NCM rolls out the red carpet for those taking museum delivery, and being the second 2020 C8 Corvette delivery made this delivery extra special. My three days in Bowling Green will forever be part of life’s most memorable experiences.

Much of my experience was documented in photos and videos and I’ll be sharing more about my experience at a later date. But there’s one exclusive benefit for R8C participants that I actually didn’t receive until today.

At the conclusion of an R8C delivery experience, you are provided with an opportunity to purchase R8C delivery memorabilia. These include special embroidered shirts, jackets, and other customizable items. Last Wednesday, before leaving the museum for my journey home, I ordered a navy blue polo to commemorate my delivery. There are a variety of embroidery options including the 8th Generation Corvette Crossed Flag Emblem and a 2020 Corvette Stingray. You can elect to have “Corvette” or “Stingray” script under the emblem or Corvette on your shirt as well as anything else you’d like embroidered on the opposite side. Every shirt and jacket comes with the R8C delivery logo as well.

[PICS] Dress to Impress with the Corvette Museum's R8C Delivery Apparel

I decided to order my shirt with “Jeremy” and a portion of my VIN on one side, and the 2020 Corvette Stingray with the “Corvette” script on the other. What impressed me most was being told that the Corvette on the shirt would match my particular build, including exterior and interior colors, wheels, and mirror and spoiler colors.

It was a real surprise today when a box arrived that contained my custom embroidered shirt, just eight days after placing my order! When I realized that it was most likely my polo that was in the package, I tore the package open so I could see how the Corvette on the shirt looked. It was absolutely perfect and was the cherry on top of my delivery experience!

[PICS] Dress to Impress with the Corvette Museum's R8C Delivery Apparel

For those of you waiting to take NCM delivery of your C8 Corvette, be sure to take a look at the options for customized memorabilia before you leave the museum in your new Corvette!

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  1. Very cool to know there are customized products to match your the car. I hope that I can get matching products with my ‘on order’ shadow grey convertible. Yours look nice, and I hope I not only get the 2020 convertible with all the strike and virus shut downs, but also any customized stuff, too.

  2. Yes the NCM is a great place. Every staff member there seems to really enjoy their job, and they embrace what they do. Congrats on your new wheels.

  3. Damn it!! I would love to do that. Hell I would like to just take the tour. What an awesome place to work. Is this Mako dude some Mustang owner or a 12 year old??

  4. No just someone that thinks it’s funny to walk around with your name and Vin number on your shirt. I guess it’s an older person thing.

  5. Thanks everyone! Mako, I turned 50 yesterday, actually, and don’t consider myself old at all. My 2020 Corvette is my 20th Corvette with my birthday being March 20, 1970. VIN 50 is my 50th birthday present to myself. The VIN is significant to me and having it on the shirt will open conversations about its significance. All of life boils down to relationships, and finding ways to engage someone in a meaningful way is a valuable character trait. 🙂

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