2020 Corvettes Will Continue Shipping From the Assembly Plant to Dealers During Shutdown


2020 Corvettes Will Continue Shipping From the Assembly Plant to Dealers During Shutdown

Photo Credits: Jeremy Welborn

When General Motors first announced on Wednesday that all manufacturing would be temporarily halted until March 30th over concerns of the Coronavirus, we immediately thought of all those new 2020 Corvettes that were parked behind the Bowling Green Assembly Plant waiting to be shipped to dealers.

As many Chevy dealerships are still open, and Corvette buyers still wanting to receive their new Corvettes, we wanted to know what the status would be for shipping during the temporary halt in production.

We reached out to Chevrolet and a spokesperson gave us the good news! Shipping of the new 2020 Corvettes will continue despite the plant’s temporary two-week shutdown! Chevrolet’s Kevin Kelly tells CorvetteBlogger “We are continuing to ship vehicles to dealers and will continue to monitor the situation and adjust plans if needed.”

That’s just the kind of good news that Corvette owners deserve as this has been a bumpy roll-out for one of the most anticipated new cars in modern times. Corvette buyers have already seen the ordering and production process interrupted by a six-week UAW Strike and now the COVID-19 outbreak will serve to further reduce the quantities of 2020 Corvettes despite record-high demand for the car.


Earlier this week, Chevrolet launched the “Chevy Cares” program to assist customers during these times with perks that include taking delivery of a new vehicle at home. We hope that as Corvettes are delivered to dealerships that those involved in the delivery process (including the customer) take precautions to keep everyone safe.

The Corvette Assembly Plant will start their suspension of production at the end of today’s work and then the plant will undergo a deep cleaning. The assembly plant is expected to be closed through March 30th with the decision to restart manufacturing coming at that time.

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  1. The tentative new date to resume production is 4/6/2020. There are a couple hundred cars in final prep that will be finished and shipped also while production is halted. That makes it more than 2,000 lucky new owners will still get their new baby.

  2. Glad Corvette is doing what I expected on shipping those cars at Bowling Green. The way they messed with my build week I might have a car in that pile. Thanks Corvette at Bowling Green!

  3. Hello ,we wanted to know if 2021 corvette order date will be push back ,for the shut of production.Thanks

  4. If I were lucky enough to receive my C8 Stingray before factory production resumes you would never see it on eBay! You would probably only see it from the Dealer to the house before the Pandemic is over, but I will take the long way home via Amarillo Tx and Tulsa Ok! Get my kicks on Route 66! Elkhart Lake Blue non-Z51! Value Vett!

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