[VIDEO] Extracting a Sportsman Red 1954 Corvette from a Garage


[VIDEO] Extracting a Sportsman Red 1954 Corvette from a Garage

Check out the latest installment from Matt Murray and Iron Trap Garage as they carefully extract a Sportsman Red 1954 Corvette from a garage where it has been stored for more than 50 years!

The car is just a small part of the intriguing estate of Larry Schroll, a Pennsylvania man who collected all kinds of classic cars during his lifetime, including early Fords, customs, and muscle cars.

Removing this Corvette from its hiding place required moving all kinds of stuff like lawn mowers, plywood, vinyl siding, and even a sheet of glass with a bullet hole in it! Interestingly, the concrete blocks along one side of the car had been notched out to make room for it!

But it’s well worth the effort to watch as crews wench the C1 Corvette onto a rollback and then into another metal building with other cars from Larry’s collection that will be auctioned off at the York Fairgrounds on April 18.

[VIDEO] Extracting a Sportsman Red 1954 Corvette from a Garage

Larry bought the ’54 in 1968. Included in the video are photos showing the car in what we assume to be Larry’s driveway, including one shot where the car is surrounded by snow.

If the car is an actual original Sportsman Red Corvette, it would be one of just 100 produced in that color out of the 3,460 made in St. Louis for the 1954 model year.

The car doesn’t have its original “Blue Flame” inline six-cylinder engine; instead an early small block V8 has taken its place.

Hopefully, whoever buys it at the auction will need to replace some of the missing parts, like the wire covers for the headlights. A new ragtop and wheel covers will also be necessary. Fortunately, the side trim and front and rear bumpers are still intact, as are the gauges in the instrument panel.

This Corvette and some of the others in the collection will be up for sale on April 18 at York Expo Center. For more details, visit Public Auction Sale: Larry Schroll Estate, Collector Cars, Parts, Toys – York, PA.


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