[VIDEO] 1966 Corvette Barn Find with a 327 ‘Mouse’ Motor


[VIDEO] 1966 Corvette Barn Find with a 327 'Mouse' Motor

We”ve heard of mouse motors, but this is ridiculous.

Take a load of this 1966 Corvette coupe, long neglected in a Texas field, and watch as new owner Jerry Coleman prepares to show off the engine.

“Get your camera ready. Every time I open the hood, I see a mouse,” Coleman tells videographer Jerry Heasley.

Sure enough, right on cue as the hood has barely risen, there is the little mouse sitting atop the air cleaner before he scurries off into the engine bay.

[VIDEO] 1966 Corvette Barn Find with a 327 'Mouse' Motor

No surprise this is a real “mouse motor” considering this classic Sting Ray has been sitting in that field for years, possibly as long as since 1981 according to the sticker on the license plate.

Besides the furry critter residing thereabouts, the car also has a terrible odor when the two Jerrys open the driver”s door, which appropriately enough squeaks like a mouse as it swings.

[VIDEO] 1966 Corvette Barn Find with a 327 'Mouse' Motor

Many old C2 Corvettes suffered a fate similar to this one, in relation to the modifications witnessed here, including the three tail lights, the fake air inlets atop each rear fender, the fender flares above all four tires, and the incorrect stinger hood. Not to mention the paisley stripes with little flowers on them.

“What”s in the interior?” Jerry H. asks Jerry C.

“Nothing alive that I”ve seen, but nothing would surprise me,” Jerry C. answers just before peering inside to see an empty Blow Pop box and a spare tire, among other useless items.

[VIDEO] 1966 Corvette Barn Find with a 327 'Mouse' Motor

As for Coleman”s plans for this classic C2, he admits he”s afraid to throw anything away and will first have the car towed to his garage, “just like it sits, thinking something might be in here that goes with the car.”

Then he”ll put a bug bomb in the interior and some rat killer under the hood and under the car, hoping to get rid of any unwanted pests.

“This weekend I”m gonna have it towed to my shop, not IN the shop, and I”m gonna stretch an air hose out there and see if I can blow all the years of accumulation off the engine. Hell, I might even take my yard blower and blow it through the interior ‘cause it”s got a ton of stuff in it. Just try to clean the car up, get it rolling on four good tires and wipe it down and just see what I”ve got. See if it adds up to anything.”

“And if anybody wants to buy it,” he jokes, “867-5309! That was a song, did you know that? Sorry…”

Asked by Heasley if he might take it on the Hot Rod Power Tour, Coleman jokes: “I might just do that. If I do, I”m gonna clean the window just enough to look out the back and then clean enough to look out the side and I”m gonna clean it just enough to look out the front … And it”s going patina on the tour!”

Jerry Heasley / YouTube

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