[PIC] Rendered Mid-Engine Camaro Could Be Perfect Sidekick to the C8 Corvette


[PIC] Rendered Mid-Engine Camaro Could Be Perfect Sidekick to the C8 Corvette

Photo Credit: gabe.design / Instagram

With the mid-engine Corvette already a reality, could a similar version of its sibling, the Camaro, be far behind?

We personally don’t think Chevrolet would ever pursue such an option (and will be glad if it just survives into another generation in a few years), but it’s still interesting to look at this rendering that takes the Camaro in a totally new direction, posted on Carlifestyle’s Facebook page.

Some have noted a resemblance to the Lamborghini Huracan, which is not bad company to be mentioned with, and we think you can definitely tell it’s “some kind” of Camaro. We personally like the look but wonder if a mid-engine car would be practical enough for traditional Camaro customers. Would moving the engine eliminate room for passengers, though having owned a 2016 Camaro 2SS, we can testify there’s not much room for back-seat passengers anyway.

Still, we car enthusiasts are always up for a dream car, and this one definitely is up to that moniker, though some might refer to it as a nightmare instead.

In fact, one person who posted a comment after reading a story about the mid-engine Camaro rendering on motor1.com had this to say: “Wtf!!! Why does Chevy keep trying to cross breed the Corvette and the Camaro??? What is this deliverance??”

The response overall, though, seemed to be more favorable, including one guy who described it as “the best looking Camaro in 50 years!!”

Another fan postulated: “I have just one thing to say, build it and they will come!”

Yet another said: “So me being a Camaro owner can say that I would buy this in a heartbeat maybe even over a C8 ‘vette! And lastly, this design and being mid-engined will SAVE the Camaro! You know Chevy is ending the Camaro in a couple years, right?”

Finally, it was up to one person to sum it all up: “If GM wants to make a Huracan look alike, it should be (an) entirely new GM car. Don’t mess w/my Camaro.”

gabe.design / Instagram

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  1. This is almost as dumb as the rumor that there will be a Corvette SUV. But then again I wouldn’t put it past the same GM geniuses who rebadged the IMSA DPI with a Cadillac emblem.

  2. Oh yea! Then we can get a mid-engine Silverado and then maybe a Suburban and Tahoe. Oh man! Then maybe we could get them to bring back Impala badge. Oh, wow, this is just soooo much fun.

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