[VIDEO] Donuts at Delivery? Yes Please!


[VIDEO] Donuts at Delivery? Yes Please!

Just another happy enthusiast taking delivery of their 2020 Corvette Stingray! This seems like a pretty good way to end a crazy week, don’t you think!

From HighTechCorvette via Facebook:

Normally, you want to break-in the new car gently, but…this is just fantastic!

HighTechCorvette / YouTube

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  1. Agreed. Of course it may be his car. In which case, good luck with the break in period. And the judge (handling the reckless driving charge, or if really lucky, second desgree murder for anyone killed). Oh yes and the insurance company. Really smart. Absolutely. Keep doin it, no matter what anyone says.

  2. What they said (above). I don’t get the need to do donuts with anything unless you happen to still be 13 years old!

  3. What do expect from a guy that traded in a Mustang? 🤣😂😜
    Considering the current state of affairs….360 away and have blast!!!

  4. When I drive my Corvettes, I use them, but I don’t abuse them. Guys with this high school mentality should
    vent their testosterone driving an old “beater”…maybe a well used import or a crapped out Mustang. Let the grown-ups do the spirited driving in the Covettes.

  5. Mr. Dipstick is the poster child for explaining why when you inspect a used high performance car for purchase, it is paramount to interview the current custodian and determine his character. If he was not a proper caretaker of your future investment, walk away from a potential money pit.

  6. Burnouts are stupid and show a great lack of respect for the people that build these cars. They put their heart and souls into the build to make them as perfect as they can, and then a fool does this to the car.

  7. I say awesome!! All you hatters need to STFU. It’s his so he can do what he wants, burnouts and doughnuts are fun as hell, it’s what they are built for jackasses, have any of you hatters seen a Dodge commercial???? Jed you’re an idiot or have never had anything that would do killer burnouts or doughnuts, jesus all of you are fucking buzz kills go home. Bob just shut your old geezer pie hole and stay home then. These are HIGH PERFORMANCE CARS ass clowns. All of you should move to the VW or Mustang forums or bloggs. Except maybe JB and no black does not suck , you do. Worst group of comments ever.

  8. Hey Kevin, I have 7 SCCA championships, 4 Track records, competition licensed in SCCA ,IMSA,Prototype One , NASCAR. I have owned, build, maintained,GT1, A sports Racing. Williams Formula one FW07. NASCAR Southwest tour car, Radical Prosport, Radical SR-3, Porsche’s, 73 Pantera L .What is your half vast experience . So you might want to know what your talking about before you look like a fool. Another thought for you to ponder, you weaken your position when you resort to name calling , instead of using facts. But, it just you, carry on in your little world.
    Best Regards Bob

  9. Kevin, forgot to tell you that GM is building my C8, 3LT, Z51, FE4 mag ride , carbon dash and engine appearance, TPW of March 23 , also doing the R8C National Corvette Museum Delivery.
    Paying cash. $85,315.
    How was your day?

  10. Gentlemen, let’s scale this back a few notches. It’s safe to say we’re all passionate about the C8 and each have a perspective on how we should drive them. At the end of the day, I’m hoping that people do indeed show the rest of us how durable the C8 is! There’s no true test like handing the keys over to Joe Public… If the C8 has a weak link we’ll soon know about it. I’m certain Chevrolet engineers are standing by to respond. I say thanks to those that beat on their new C8, so far its standing up to some pretty good abuse. Now let’s all have a cool one and figure out how we best protect our families through this current public health challenge.
    I truly hope everyone is safe!
    God Bless!!!

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