[VIDEO] Rick Hendrick’s 2020 Corvette VIN #001 Arrives at City Chevrolet


[VIDEO] Rick Hendrick's 2020 Corvette VIN #001 Arrives at City Chevrolet

Rick Hendrick must be feeling pretty good today now that his new 2020 Corvettes have arrived at his home dealership. The Chevrolet dealer and NASCAR team owner paid $3 Million for the VIN 001 Corvette Stingray at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction and this morning it arrived at Rick Hendrick City Chevrolet in Charlotte, NC.

Oh, did I say Corvettes as in more than one? That I did! Because Rick Hendrick also purchased the 2020 Corvette VIN 002 as well.

[VIDEO] Rick Hendrick's 2020 Corvette VIN #001 Arrives at City Chevrolet

A Rick Hendrick auto transporter was spotted yesterday in Bowling Green parked outside the National Corvette Museum as well as over on the road that leads to the Corvette Assembly Plant. So we figured it was just a matter of time before his Corvettes were received.

Here’s a video posted to the City Chevrolet Facebook page showing the VIN 001 Corvette coming off the transporter:

We originally thought that this Arctic White Stingray was the VIN 002 Corvette, but have since learned it’s the Silver C8 Coupe shown below. Here are a few exhaust revs from the new mid-engine Corvette at the dealership:

These are exciting times and we are anxiously waiting to see “Real People” (A Chevy commercial reference) taking deliveries of their new mid-engine 2020 Corvettes.

We were told that there were two C8 Corvettes picked up in Bowling Green, but that could be a reference to Mr. Hendrick’s personal cars as we see several more coming off the truck as new video and photos from those there at City Chevrolet are posted online. Here is a Torch Red 2020 Corvette coming off the truck, and a photo of a Blade Silver Coupe that is confirmed to be VIN 002 inside the dealership we well:

[VIDEO] Rick Hendrick's 2020 Corvette VIN #001 Arrives at City Chevrolet

[VIDEO] Rick Hendrick's 2020 Corvette VIN #001 Arrives at City Chevrolet

City Chevrolet / Facebook

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  1. He might need a wider transporter truck when the “Z” versions of the new Corvette come out!

  2. Mr. Hendrick did the Museum delivery with his 2019 ZR1. This time he got special permission to pick up the cars directly at the plant…a perk that I haven’t seen exercised since the 1986 Malcolm Konner Editions.

  3. Is it me or does the video of the white vette, have dark smoke coming out of the exhaust when they gun the engine? Hoping it is just the lighting?
    Beautiful in any case.

  4. That dark smoke makes one think that the fuel injection is rich. Imagine burning off carbon on a car with almost no miles on it.

  5. Wonder what Rick’s daily driver is? Bet it’s a Tahoe or Silverado. He says the 001 car will never be driven on the road. Seems like there’s something wrong with that?

  6. I do wonder sometimes how the engineers and others who put so much effort into designing and building supercars feel when the incredible driving machines they have created don’t end up getting driven, but rather simply disappear into various collectors’ garages only to reemerge every once in a while to be resold for ever higher amounts as pristine, low mileage examples. Such a waste of all that engineering effort, care and attention to detail.

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