[VIDEO] Does the C8 Corvette Actually Have a Official Burnout-Mode?


[VIDEO] Does the C8 Corvette Actually Have a Official Burnout-Mode?

Motor Trend had the first shot at indepentantly testing the 2020 Corvette Stingray and they didn’t disappoint fans after releasing several videos on the same day showing the testing of the C8 Corvette’s launch control.

The editorial team has also followed up on a series of great articles on the car that include a look from inside the C8 while on an autocross circuit as well as discussions on all the interior buttons and controls.

But one certain point definitely caught our eye and that was the discussion on Launch Control and the unofficial “burnout mode”. It’s going to be a bit different now with a dual-clutch 8-speed transmission and electronic paddle shifters, but the process will be somewhat similar to current Corvette owners.

For launch control, put the car into DRIVE and select TRACK MODE and then double-tap the ESC OFF button to bring up the Performance Traction Management (PTM) menu to select the mode: Wet, Dry, Sport I, Sport II, and Race. Once you’ve selected your PTM, stand on the brake with your left foot while flooring the accelerator with your right. Lift off the brake when the revs settle at 3500 RPMs and down the street you go!

So you’re at the track and you want to warm your tires before making your run. Motor Trend says Chevy has an official “Burnout Mode” which is even easier to use. Put the car in DRIVE, stand on the brake and pull both paddle shifters to temporarilty open the clutches. Once you floor the throttle and release the paddles, the computer will do a controlled clutch dump and will let the tires spin. When you’re finished you lift off the throttle.

Here’s a quick instagram video from Motor Trend editor Scott Evans demonstrating Launch Control on the 2020 Corvette Stingray:

So know that we know the 2020 Corvette Stingray can do some tasty burnouts, whose going to be the first to share one? You know that will be featured here when it happens.


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  1. Well, that video sure didn’t answer the question, “Can the C8 do a Line Lock burnout”? That means a static burnout. You know, like the Hellcat can do with the front brakes locked.

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